Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Recipe of Me

Misty Dawn

- a dash of honesty
- 1 1/2 cups of romance
- 2 teaspoons of trustworthiness

Serve hot.
'What is your personality recipe?' at



Hi have a big thank you over at my place. I get so many emails that sometimes I don't catch some things. I don't see any awards on this page so I'll go to the next. :)

david mcmahon

That is a wonderful recipe!


That does sound lovely and I think it fits you perfectly :)

On reading your profile we have very similar movie and book taste :)

Mom Knows Everything

I know you just did a bunch of awards, but I have two more for you, a Beautiful Blogger Award and a Sexy Blogger Award. These awards kinda fits us to a T. hehehe!


Sounds quite nice!

Speaking of nice, I was nice enough to tag you with a meme over at my blog - heehee!

Pleas come by and play The Five Things Meme. I promise it's easy and if you get tagged and don't do it, you could spend Thanksgiving in the dungeon at Bloggingham Palace!


Sounds like the makins of something very very special to me! xo


Here was mine. I think it fits, except I'm so not athletic. For anything. Hehe.

- a gallon of trustworthiness
- a pound of athleticism
- 2 heaping tablespoons of wealth

Serve hot.


You really don't want to know mine :-) LOL

Girl Gone Wild - BibleStyle

Dang! You're a hot number!



- a pinch of humor
- 1/2 a cup of trustworthiness
- 1 1/2 cups of cuteness

Combine all stirring until smooth.

Heart of Rachel

This is cool. I tried it and got this result:

- 1/4 cup of fun
- a scoop of cuteness
- 1 1/2 cups of romance

Lightly brown.

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