Thursday, November 29, 2007

Sky Watch Friday #1

(c) Misty DawnS

Do ya see that "#1" in the title??? This is my first week joining "Sky Watch Friday", and I'm very, very excited about it (can ya tell?). The reason I'm so excited is because since I moved here, some of my favorite shots are of the sky, whether they are of sunsets, clouds, the sun, the moon, or a sunrise (OK, the sunrise is a very, very occasional shot, because I don't get up early LOL - hey, I DO have TWO sunrise shots... er, um... taken the same morning). Anyway, I'm thrilled to join Sky Watch Friday. In fact, I have so many sky shots, that I joined in with both of my blogs. So, if you want to see another of my sky shots each Friday, then visit Misty's Words (seriously... that blog has hardly any traffic... yes, I realize this is a shameless plug for my other blog... no, I'm not embarrassed - thanks everyone!)

Oh... and for anyone who noticed that my copyright name now has an "S" at the end of it...there's a post to follow about that... you won't want to miss it - it involves a rather endowed porn star, my name, some links to me thinking I'm 'endowed', which I'm not, my husband's reaction when he saw who I am not... are you sufficiently confused yet - stay tuned for the post in which I explain :-)



What an absolutely gorgeous shot - absolutely gorgeous!

david mcmahon

Hi Misty DawnS!!

What a great way to start. I'm sure Dot wouldn't mind me giving you a very warm welcome to her Sky Watch Friday concept.

Don't forget to put your name on the Mister Linky at her blog.




That's beautiful! I love the dog, he is so gorgeous. I'm sorry that you lost him.

♥.Trish.♥ Drumboys

LOL I saw you comment somewhere about Misty Dawn - oh dear.

I passed your other blog - gorgeous sunset on both.

Mom Knows Everything

hehehe! That was me that was me. LOL!!!

Travis Cody

I love sunrise and sunset shots. I think they might be my very favorites.


Welcome to Sky Watch Friday -- this is only my 4th week so I am new also.

Love the sunset -- such vibrant colors! I will go look at the other one also. . . come and see mine --I have several photos all on one blog.


wow...what a shot!! Nice shot, Misty.


Beautiful picture Misty! I hope you will go back and put your blog address in Mr. Linky. It is an easier way to connect up with the other Sky Watch folks.


You're off to a great start, that is gorgeous! :)


yes, we are quite familiar with Misty Dawn the porn star!!--JUST JOKING!! Beautiful shot!


Can't wait to hear the story!!!!

I also can't wait to see your sky shots every Friday. :)


Beautiful picture. Welcome to skywatch. This is my third week.

Never That Easy

Well this certainly sounds interesting... I'll keep watching. And that's a beautiful shot. Very calming.

Kerri Farley

Welcome to Skywatch Friday! I'm a little late in commenting as it's Sunday :)

Beautiful Shot!!!!!

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