Thursday, November 15, 2007


Oh yes, I was totally and completely stammering my way through a phone conversation just a minute ago. I called my academic advisor for... well... advice. I'm outta my comfort zone here, because I have never needed help or advice from the higher-ups at the college so far. None.

Six classes (14 credit hours), working 7 hours a day, packing up all of our belongings, preparing 100-years worth of farm accumulation for an auction, entertaining out-of-state in-laws, dealing with the emotions of leaving my family and friends behind... this was me during this past Spring Semester. I got through it and maintained my 4.0, but I just about ran myself into the ground.

Now, I'm at a point where I'm not sure what I should do. You see, there are several classes I could prepare portfolios for in an attempt to receive experiential (life) credit. However, I don't have those portfolios prepared yet. Other than those classes, I have two classes left to take. One of which is speech online. How do you take speech online, you ask? Well, you have to arrange for an audience of at least 3-4 people to attend each one of your speeches. Then, they have to be video taped, and you mail them to the instructor. As I stammered my way through this 'asking for help and advice' phone call, I couldn't help myself - I asked if my audience members could have four legs. "What?" my advisor asks. "Well," I replied, "If I can give my speeches to cows and dogs, then I'm all set with my audience. Otherwise, I'm going to have some issues."



LOL, I've never heard of an online speech class. I always hated speech classes and was so happy when a theatre class I took covered that requirement. Good luck :)

The Egel Nest

Very funny...four legged

What happened to my favorite header???

This one is cute too...but that puppy was my FAV!

The Egel Nest


ROFL, Mist that's hilarious! I can picture it clearly. What did he say?

Perfect sense you made over at my place, perfect.


*big grin* I hope your advisor is more...advisory than mine! It's a step in the right direction that you actually spoke with one! I gave up asking for advice & have been planning my own course path.


Hey, I've been reading up on your latest posts and just wanted to send you a big hug. I hope that this weekend is a good one for you!


Ahahahaha! Misty, your stories are the best. Thanks for reminding me to email my former advisor. I needed a resource I thought he could provide.

"I'm going to have some issues." Hee hee.


Hmmmm, online speech class. When I was living on the farm, I used to play my guitar to the animals...I found the ponies made the best audience, good luck!


I'm tired just reading what all you have going on.
Four legged audience, if only!
Bless your heart.
You are one funny woman. Thanks for the grins!

Mom Knows Everything

I think we both should run a way for a while. We both need a break. How does Hawaii sound to you?


Do you have a webcam? We could set up a video link, and you could give a speech to all your blogging buddies.

If you and Tammy run away to Hawaii, I wanna come!

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