Saturday, November 3, 2007

Surprising Sunburn Remedy

I love hot weather, and I love the sun. My husband says that I'm a 'freeze-baby', and he often shakes his head at me while I lie on the couch in the Summer with a blanket over me. So, when I am outside in the sun, I never complain, and I don't want to go inside either. One year, due to my love of being in the sun and the fact that I am quite stubborn, I got sunburned really bad. I never ever used to burn, so the possibility never crossed my mind. Well, I definitely learned my lesson. I had fallen asleep on a raft. I was burnt bad, and I could hardly stand to wear clothes, let alone lie down in a bed to sleep at night. I tried many different creams and ointments to get relief, but they didn't help much. Finally, I asked a local pharmacist, who had become a friend over the years, what I should use. I was waiting for this brand name of some fantastic burn cream. You'll never believe what he suggested I use. He suggested I use hemorrhoid ointment! I guess it makes sense, if you think about it, since that stuff is supposed to take away burning sensation. I guess I just figured it was strictly used for hemorrhoids and never really thought about smearing it on my entire body!



Did it seriously work?? That must have felt pretty gross considering it's so thick.


I, too, am wondering if this works?? With my red hair I tend to burn pretty easily. If this would ease the burn, I would use it for sure!


That does make sense....

Let me know if it works.

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