Monday, November 19, 2007

Thanksmas Today

I just wanted to make a quick post to let y'all know why I have not visited your blogs yet today. Since I usually visit about 50 blogs a day, you may have become expectant of my visit and comments. Well, today is our "Thanksmas" with my in-laws, so they can head out to warmer climate tomorrow or Wednesday.

So, I have made two dozen deviled eggs, three dozen Snickerdoodle cookies, and still need to make the baked beans. I have also printed greeting cards and still need to wrap some gifts.

That's why I haven't been to your blogs yet today. I will possibly be around later tonight, but, if not, I will definitely see you tomorrow!



Happy Thanksmas! Good luck with all of your baking and cooking!


Happy Thanksmas! Have a great time!

Mom Knows Everything

Do you get to open your presents now? I have a friend award for you :o)


Have a great Thanksmas!! Just popped in to say hello.

david mcmahon

Have a great time!

Heart of Rachel

Have a wonderful time with the family.

Travis Cody

Happy Thanksmas! See ya when I see ya!

Dallas Meow

I can make GREAT cookies, but I fear these.
cream of tartar ;(

Happy Thanksmas!

Girl Gone Wild - BibleStyle

Geez oh've got me exhausted!... Have a great day, Misty D!!

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