Friday, November 23, 2007

They Think I'm a Softy

Yesterday, we went to the Thanksgiving get together at the home of my brother-in-law's parents.

After the eating... and eating... and eating...
The men were in the living room discussing and laughing about all the crazy and stupid wild things they did in their younger years. I was sitting at the kitchen table with a couple of the other women. At first we were playing with entertaining the kids with PlayDough. After the kids got bored, and went to another room to play, we packed everything back up into a box and continued to sit around talking.

The kids came back into the kitchen... three of said kids are my three nieces. My oldest niece is going through that "I really don't have to listen stage". She was using a plastic knife and scraping her grandma's tablecloth. I told her to stop because she would cut the tablecloth... she continued... I told her to stop again... she continued... I told her a third time... she looked at me, informed me it was OK, and continued. Finally I said "'Oldest Niece' if you don't stop it right now, Aunt Misty is going to get VERY MAD!"

She looked at me and started laughing as she exclaimed "Yeah right, Aunt Misty never gets mad"

The other adults in the room did their very best to hold back their laughter, while I responded "Yeah, well, you don't want to see the first time!"

Those kids much take me as a big ol' softy of an aunt!



I bet the first time would be really, really bad - since you've been holding back the mad all these years!

Mom Knows Everything big ole softy!!!! LOL!!!


Yep, they do for sure. What a cute story. You are just a push-over aren't you. Well, getting mad doesn't help much either. Have a great day my softy friend. :)


My, My, I see your nieces are afraid of you. Roar!!

I left the hills of Missouri some time ago, but to get to my Dad's place: Take the "Y" by the State Pohlice, count three dirt road and turn right, watch fur the squirrel in the Burr Oak tree and make a left. :)

Mom Knows Everything

You're not online :o(

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE you Christmas decorations!!!!!!


LOL--I would love for you to be at our holiday table :) Your the bestest cyber aunt!


Misty it looks as though you have just given yourself a new nickname "softy" lol.

Kids do have a way with us don't they, unfortunately I don't get to see my nieces a lot because we live hours away but I'm looking forward to seeing them at Christmas!

It's nice to see your getting things decorated for Christmas, your blog is looking great and I love the Christmas pet theme ( I wouldn't have expected any different LOL) Cute!

Ok that's it for now have a great weekend Ol aunt softy!

take care


They've got you sussed!


Ut-oh, sounds like they've got you pegged pretty good!

Mom Knows Everything

Tag your it!!!


Sigh, I have the same problem. I try to get mad and get laughed at. Apparently, I do not have an authoritive voice nor do I 'sound' right when I try. Which is not a good thing when you are a parent and an educator too!


Ugh. Other peoples' kids.

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