Saturday, November 3, 2007

Today's Walk

I went for a walk this afternoon. After about five minutes of walking, I saw this...

I continued on my walk to my favorite spot, where I sat on the ground up against a tree. I just listen and enjoy nature, and hope that I will blend in with my surroundings and eventually get a good shot of some critter. After a while...

Two of these little critters showed up. They were playing and running and jumping from tree to tree having a grand ol' time. I had trouble getting any good shots of them, because they were like squirrels on speed.
When I was returning from the walk, just walking along meditating, I heard a whistle. But, it wasn't a bird whistle. I looked around, and this is what I saw.
They were so very happy to see me. They were going on a walk with my husband, and couldn't believe that they actually found Mommy out there! It was a very exciting time ;-)



Looks like you had a lovely walk amongst the creatures! It's been raining here all day so the only walking I've done is from the living room to the kitchen and back!


Such beautiful pictures! I bet it is nice and peaceful out there!


Beautiful!! What a beautiful sight!


Squirrels on caffiene. Scary thought.

Beautiful pictures.

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