Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Trusted Surgeons

I have always said I would like to have plastic surgery on a certain part of my body, if I had the financial means and found a doctor I could trust. Let's face it, most of us have physical attributes we would like to change, but, not only is it expensive, it is also always scary when you consider that you are placing your body in the hands of someone else.

The Trusted Surgeons Network does extensive research to compile a list of doctors who meet their standards and qualify as trusted plastic surgeons. They base their research of the plastic surgeons on three criteria, which include education, certification, and track record. They do not simply list surgeons; they investigate them to make sure they qualify and can be considered as a trusted surgeon.

There are stories in the news all the time about plastic surgery that was not performed properly. Recently, Donda West, the mother of rap star Kayne West, passed away shortly after undergoing some plastic surgery. These situations prove the importance of the services of The Trusted Surgeons Network. Their extensive research helps ensure that, if you are planning to have surgery, you can find a doctor with proper credentials and a good track record whom you can trust.



Another one to consider. As I've mentioned my girls could definitely use a lift!

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