Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Updates on My Random Thoughts.

I'm going through withdrawals from talking to my dad! We usually talk each.and.every.single.night! But, he went hunting this week, so I haven't talked to him since Saturday. YES, I realize that it has only been two nights I haven't talked to him. Just imagine how I'll be when it's Friday or so!!!

I've decided that the contest I will host on this blog will be for my photography. That's all I've decided so far. Don't know when. Don't know which photos. Don't know how many prizes or how many photos. I'll figure it all out... soon.

After reading a few friend's posts about attempting to change their blog design... I am now petrified of attempting to switch over to three columns. It would look SO much better... but I'm feeling rather chicken right now.

I'm down in the dumps emotionally today. But, y'all don't come here to read that stuff. So, I'll keep it to myself. Besides, I'll get over it soon!

If you have time - read my Heads or Tails post for this week... Wrote that one when I wasn't down in the dumps and I think it's a fun post :-)



I recently had to upgrade my Typepad account, so now I'm paying 15 bucks a month! It stinks that I didn't start with blogspot, but I don't want to start over lose my Alexa and PR (even though it's only 2). When I started my blog I had no idea about any of this, so I went with Typepad since it's really user friendly. But, I had to upgrade to the 'pro' level b/c it's the only way I could insert the javascript code in for payperpost to give me a Real Rank. What do you know about this new ranking? All I know is that it keeps changing dramatically each day. One day it's 1000, next day it might be 3000. Is lower better? I'm confused. I hope it's worth the extra 10 dollars a month to get a few more PPP opps. We'll see I guess. Eventually I might just start a new blog that's free!


If you want to redesign your blog, I think the best way is to have a test blog where you can try things out. Then, once you get it the way you like it, first copy your current template into notepad and save it, then copy all the html from your test blog into your real blog. If things don't work out, you can just go back and copy everything from your notepad file right back in. Then play with the test blog some more.

The most important thing - don't forget the ITK (formerly known as PPP Tools) reminds you of Prince, don't it?


You're so kind. If I didn't blog about being down in the dumps, I wouldn't blog @ all! ;)

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