Friday, December 7, 2007

Dear Santy...

I'm writing to u about my Mommy. She's been a very good Mommy ALL year. She plays with us and gives us food and treats and lots of hugs and scratches and kisses. My Mommy wants a laptop, Santy. She's been sad becuz her other laptop gets reel hot and turns itself off. I just don't think it's fare of that thing to be so nasty to my Mommy! So, Santy, could u pleaz bring my Mommy a laptop for Christmus? Cuz, when Mommy is sad... we're all sad...
My Mommy uses the money she makes with her laptop to buy us food and treats and balls to play with. I tried to earn money for Mommy's laptop by doing some modeling, but I never got paid for it!
They said the check was lost in the mail, but I don't believe them, cuz me and Tag and Maggie looked everywhere for that check...
So, Santy, we'd really appreeshiate it if u could bring our Mommy a laptop so she will be happy again and can keep on bloggin'!
Mommy's Favorite Lap'Pups'
P.S. Tag says he's is very sorry for scaring all those hoomans who come to our house. He just can't help hisself. Maggie blames all of her rottenness on being a puppy. I, Molly (the pretty one in the above photo), well, I've been good all year. So, if you want to put a ball next to Mommy's laptop under the tree, we'll know who it's for... just sayin'.


Mom Knows Everything

That is too cute!!!

Don't worry Molly, your mommy has been very good and I'm sure that if Santa doesn't bring her one she'll convince Daddy to get one for her. You've been a very good girl too and I'm sure that you will get that ball. :o)


Now how could Santy overlook this heartfelt letter? And if Santy can't come through with the laptop, maybe he can talk the man of the household to come through!

Mom Knows Everything

I have a special Christmas award for you!!!! Love Ya Dork!


Oh I'm sure your Dog will get his wish for you :-)
Damian (my dog) said he threatened Santa, roughed him up a bit yesterday, and warned him to heed your dogs wishes. (Probably why I will get a lump of coal for Christmas)


I so hope there is a laptop under their tree Santa. Are you listening Santa? You are such good doggies to love you momma this much, :)


Precious post! I loved the accompanying pictures.

I hope Santa does bring you a laptop!


That's is too cute! I hope santa gets the letter, and leaves you a pretty new laptop under the tree....with a bouncy new ball beside it!

Mimi Lenox


My laptop used to do the same thing. I bought something at Staples that fits underneath, has a little fan and extracts the heat from the computer. It plugs in the side like your digital camera. Solved the problem.

Hope all your Christmas wishes come true!

Jillie Bean (AKA Bubba's Sis)

I'm sure when he sees that letter, Santa will put a brand new laptop in the sleigh just for you! And THREE new balls - one for each precious pup!

Merry Christmas to all!




So their spelling and punctuation isn't perfect, but name any other three pups who could have typed up this letter. Maybe you should try marketing that. I'm sure it would pay for a laptop or two in no time!

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