Monday, December 3, 2007

Heads Or Tails Tuesday *Three*

One of my favorite bloggers, Skittles has started a Tuesday meme. It is LOTS of fun-so you'll wanna join us right away! If you click on the Heads or Tails logo - it will take you to the post to tell you more about the meme.

This week's topic is "Three". Well - if you know me at all - then you already know what my post is going to be about...
Introducing my favorite three...
Aren't they gorgeous???


Dallas Meow

so adorable

Smalltown RN

oh they are gorgeous dogs....I can see why you love them so....did you figure out what happend with your pop up?


Misty, what beautiful dogs you have... I can't get over how much Maggie has grown, simply because I'm not sure which one is her. Now if I were to guess I would say the middle one, but I obviously could be wrong! All three are beautiful and they all look happy! You're a good mommy.


wow, what beautiful dogs you have! I'll bet that they keep you really busy too!! Beautiful shot of them.


ah nice dogs you have there.

Rachel (Crazy-Is)

They really are pretty dogs!


I don't see anything for your 3. Just the text...

Mine's up!


Great choice for 3! I think of these babies as my step-doggies. :)


They are absolutely gorgeous!!

Mine's up!

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls

They are gorgeous - what a wonderful photo! :)

poor man's nicole richie

great day out for your canines.
thank you for loving them!


Oh, they really are gorgeous. We saw a couple in work with a herd of sheep's in Ireland last year - AWESOME!!!! They were so happy to work that he almost couldn't get hold of them. So joyful to see!


Yes, they are gorgeous dogs! Happy H/T :P


They are adorable! Did you get the pop up thing sorted?


What a nice little bunch you've got there! :)

Mom Knows Everything

I'm beginning to think that we're getting a little predictable. LOL!!! Love Ya dork!


Oh that is such a cool shot of them! Love your idea for HoT!

Vixen of

Your dogs are so beautiful. I could look at them every single day.

Happy Tuesday.


I want one!


Border collies are such smart dogs. I like to see them when they are working with sheep.


Yes, they are gorgeous, and my favorite colors, too - black and white!




Oh they are! I love Border Collies. I knew this one that worked at a dairy farm and herded the cows twice a day for milking. But in between milkings, he loved to hide in the ditch and pop up in front of your car and scare you to death (we have all dirt roads so nobody was going too fast). One day he scared me so badly that I stopped the car, got out, and hollered at him. For a long time. He was stunned and put his tail between his legs and slunk off.

The funny thing is that from that moment, he never jumped out at my again! He continued scaring everybody else, but not me. If he saw my car, he would put his ears down and just disappear back in the ditch!

peppylady (Dora)

great looking border collie. I have one name Buddy.

Heart of Rachel

Yes, I think they are absolutely gorgeous. They must be so happy and carefree.


My puppy lover Blake (3) gets excited when he sees that I'm on your site, Loves the dogs. I will have to show him this picture later on.

happy holiday


That's an awesome three :) I love Border Collies. And your picture really shows their personalities.


This picture of the three of them is great! They are beautiful!!!

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