Monday, December 3, 2007


I don't know what happened...
I don't know why it happened...
I don't know how it happened...
I'm not even sure exactly when it happened...
but I need H.E.L.P.!!!

You know of some blogs have a pop-up window when you click to comment...
well, starting last night, when I click to comment and that pop-up window comes up, it is about an inch wide. I can see about three words of everyone's comments and my own when I'm trying a comment.

When I move the mouse to the edge of the comment window, the mouse does not turn into a sizing handle, so that won't fix it...
I've tried refreshing (didn't work)...
I've tried rebooting (didn't work)...
When I right click at the top of the comment window, the only option it gives me is to 'minimize'... nope, it's pretty much minimized enough.

This is driving me batty - I seriously cannot deal with only being able to read three words...

I figure SOMEONE out there in the blogosphere has to know what I can do to fix this... please, my fingers are crossed that someone can help me (it's hard to type with my fingers crossed - so please HELP.and.FAST...

the Freaking Out Blogging Addict a.k.a. Misty Dawn



Ugh, I've had that happen but no idea how or why but eventually it got back to normal somehow without me doing anything. BTW, here's the link to a place a used to guide me in switching to my own domain, but I did lose all Alexa, PR, and backlinks.


Well, the first thing I would do is go to settings and then comments. Scroll down to "show comments in a new window". Change from yes to no and then save your settings. I would even go back to comments and have a look. This isn't everyone elses blog it's yours somehow. I would then go back and reset it back to the way you had it. Even rebooting in between isn't a bad idea. Then go back to settings, then comments and change the show comments in a new window to yes and again save your settings. Hope this works. :)

Misty DawnS

Thanks for your help Sandee - I've tried your advice several times (with rebooting) and it didn't fix my problem. I think my computer just hates me this week! LOL

I really do appreciate your taking the time to try to help me though. You're wonderful.

Mom Knows Everything

I was going to tell you to do what Sandee told you. I hope you're feeling better buddy!

Travis Cody

This happened to me the other day, but in reverse! The comment screen got too filled up the entire screen and I couldn't figure out how to make it normal sized.

Re-booting fixed that problem though.


UGH! I hope you get it figured out.


Ah, one more than me having this problem! But I've had mine for a long time now.

Do you use Firefox as a browser?
Have you tried to comment on those blogs in Internet Explorer instead?

You see, for me this problem is only appearing in Firefox, it works Internet Explorer, so I visit those blogs with IE.

Sorry to say, I haven't found any other solution for it. I searched for an answer in the beginning when it did hit me, but didn't find any answer then, so I gave up.

If you find the answer, I wouldn't mind sharing it :-)


Actually, I have this problem to comment on your blog here...


You're so funny! And sorry I cannot fix this for you...but next Tuesday, remind me to look into the meme, sounds like FUNNNN! xox


Poor you! Love the header.
I can't help you!!


I've been having the pop-up problem for a long time. Now, when I go to comment on someone's blog, I check first to see what the link says. If it says 'pop-up=true' then I right-click and select 'open in a new tab' Then I go to the new tab and read all the comments and put my own in. That's what I'm doing now, here. When I'm finished, I either close the tab or use it to go somewhere else.

Heart of Rachel

I'm sorry to hear that. Sorry I don't have a clue how to solve such a problem. Hope it's a temporary glitch and everything is back to normal.

Girl Gone Wild - BibleStyle

The only thing I was going to suggest is to clear out your cookies then reboot. Sometimes the coding gets all screwed up then it's stuck there. A good clean up never hurts...

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