Wednesday, December 5, 2007

I'll Be In Mourning

My laptop - it's dying - slowly, but surely - it's dying. I purchased it used so it was inexpensive enough to justify the purchase to take it back and forth to work with me every day to complete school work - I could not have made it this far into my degree without this laptop - seriously... anyway...

You have already read my whining confessions that I now have permanent burns on my legs from this laptop. This is because whoever designed this laptop had drank a few too many or something. The fan to receive and circulate air is on the bottom of the laptop. Therefore, if you use it as a LAPtop, the computer receives no air and, as a result, heats up to temperatures hot enough to... well... leave permanent burns on the user's thighs. So, I now prop it up so the fan can receive air. However, the battery still heats up to high temperatures and... you guessed it... the battery is right next to the hard drive... what would that result in? A melted hard drive, of course!

Now, I will be sitting here reading blogs working diligently on a project, and, all of a sudden, the laptop just shuts down. That's.It. No warning - no error - no little guy popping up on my screen and telling me "We're sorry, but you are now going to lose everything you just worked so hard on - sucks to be you." Nothing - it Just.Shuts.Down. UGH! Can you hear my frustrations???

My husband's reply is that I do not need a new laptop, because if I got a new laptop, then I would basically be working for free for awhile until the laptop was paid for... whereas, right now, this crappy piece of junk laptop is already paid for, so whatever I earn while using it is money in the bank. That brings me to this question... how can I make any of that 'money in the bank' if this da*m, ignorant, devil-spawn laptop continues to quit working??? UGH! Can you hear my frustrations???

I am a creature of habit... a serious creature of habit and routine (yes, I'm calling myself a creature). I wake in the morning and follow the same steps to complete the same routine... it has to be done the same, or else, I'm out-of-whack for the whole day. Therefore, I have daily routines which revolve around my having a laptop to work on... if I no longer have a laptop to work on... well, then... I'll totally be out-of-whack!!! And, no one wants that!!!

My most prized material possessions are my camera and my laptop. I treasure them... I talk lovingly to them... I pamper them and tell them of all the joy they bring me... I whisper sweet words to them... OK - you get the idea! You could take away my TV... take away my furniture... take away my food... just don't take my camera or laptop away from me!!!

I've even come up with every way I can think of to keep the price of a new laptop as low as I can. I don't need any fancy software... I don't need many bells and whistles... I just need a laptop which will allow me to complete my Virtual Assistance work, blogging, and writing. Am I being selfish and greedy? Oh yes, now you see why I never purchase anything for myself... I put myself on the biggest guilt trip you could possibly imagine... I end up making myself feel completely selfish, greedy, and irresponsible, and therefore, the purchase is not made. (Kind of like I am doing to myself right now... a laptop is a material possession - an expensive material possession... I should quit my whining and be thankful for what I have... etc, etc.... Don't mind me, I'm busy putting myself on a guilt trip ;-)



No, you aren't being selfish, greedy or irresponsible. We get used to having the technology and when it starts to fail we want it replaced. I think we all do about the same thing. :)

Vixen of

My old laptop had that same problem. To nurse it through an extra 8 months or so (until I got a new one for Xmas),I got one of those little trays (like at a fast food restaurant that you carry your food from the cashier to the table??)and flipped it upside down in my lap. I set the lappy on top and it 'breathed' a little and didn't overheat.


Mist, you need the computer--consider another used one, honey. I think you're an amazing personality and you've built your blog up so quickly with your charm and your friendliness. Go onto and see what you find, people are selling to earn Christmas cash, maybe youll get lucky. xoxo


Also, have you already checked into this:

You could earn money with your photos, worth looking at at least. xo


I can definitely feel the frustration and rightfully so might I add. The problem with man-made technology is that we as humans truly do become dependent upon it and when it begins its downward spiral or becomes outdated it truly does hurt us. I am much like yourself in that I really only need my laptop to be a happy camper; well that and my cell-phone. Quite honestly, I could do without a TV, but I can not do without the Internet or a computer in which to use it.

You hang in there; these trials will soon pass young grasshopper :)
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ask Santa. seriously my laptop and camera are my constant companions as well....sigh.


You are not being selfish at all. The laptop is a piece of junk & not working properly. You need it for your work. Let me rephrase that, you need a working one for your work. Nothing materialistic about that.

Where do you store your pictures? On the laptop?

Mom Knows Everything

I wish I could give one to you, but alas I don't even have one. Like Stacey said see if you can get a used one or may be even put an add here on your blog saying that you are looking for a used one. Love Ya Dork!


You have to spend money to make money. You're not being selfish so stop the guilt trip. It's ok to really need a new laptop.

Girl Gone Wild - BibleStyle

Earlier this year, when I did the whole computer repair job, I had a couple of laptops, but I just gave away the last one!! How irritating! I'll definitely keep my ears open for another one (if you don't find one soon).


Be brave. Open your laptop and replace the fan unit. Get a replacement for cheap ... or Take it to a computer repair guy and get an idea on how much it would cost to get fixed.
Might be cheaper than you think :-)
Good Luck.

Travis Cody

A couple of weeks ago I found the most fantastic thing that enhances my daily laptop experience. I found the perfect little laptop desk!

It was at Office Depot. It's very flexible, with a vinyl covered cardboard flat surface and a soft pliable part underneath that forms to your lap. It even has a zipper pouch on the side for pens or pencils.

My laptop fits perfect on it and there is the right amount of room to the left for my cordless mouse. It was about $15 and it has saved my back from the strain of sitting forward with the laptop on the table, and my lap from burns.

But you probably didn't want to know all that, did you? Maybe you don't need a new laptop, just a new battery?


Feel guilty about nothing...Guilt takes over my haunts me...
you obviously need a computer Misty!
Nothing selfish about it.

Nighty night
carebear :0)


I, for one, would be totally lost without my laptop though I know what you mean about it getting too hot to be on my lap sometimes! I solved the problem with a double-thick piece of cardboard that came in some packing box and not serves as my "desk". How pathetic is that? I saw these lap-desks at WalMart one day that are made of a special plastic material to keep your laptop cooler; I keep meaning to get one but just don't have the extra $25 or whatever it is.

The reason I'm telling you all of that is because when you get your NEW laptop, you might want to get something like that as I think all laps tend to get too hot for one's lap from time to time!

You've earned, you deserve it, and there should be no guilt involved whatsoever. Tell Santa that's what you want and that you've been a very good girl and then see if you can bribe one of the elves!


I'm with you on the whole most prized material possessions! I couldn't got without my camera and my computer (a desk top, but I would sure love a lap top)! I have had so much fun "blogging" and it gives me a new way to use all the pictures I take.
I don't think you are being selfish at all for wanting a working lap top. I mean, you said yourself it is one of your two (let me say that again, 2) most prized material possessions. Do you know how many prized material possessions some people have? Please don't feel guilty for having two. I, for one, am glad you've had that lap top to create this wonderful blog of yours. I'm wishing you all the best in getting another so I can continue to read your fabulous posts!!


Hi Misty, i have 2 tag for u at my blog. 1 tag is very simple tag :) check out when you have time.


Just bite the bullet and buy one. Yeah, you deserve it.

Oh yeah, I tagged you over at

Heart of Rachel

Hi Misty. I'm sorry to hear about your problems with your lap top. I understand how frustrating it can be to be working on something when suddenly your lap top dies on you without warning. Hope something can still be done with your laptop.

Mom Knows Everything

Guess what I mailed today, your Christmas card!!!! They promised you would have it by Christmas. HUGS!!!


You. NEED. a. laptop. Go get one!

PS I've posted the second Christmas Carol Quiz today.


Life without a laptop would be completely unbearable! Some friends of ours had an old laptop that didn't cool properly so they always used it on top of an upside-down metal serving tray. The tray helped pull the heat out. I don't know how that would work on your lap, though.

I don't know how much you can or would be willing to spend on a laptop, but there have been some really good sales recently - laptops for $400. I know because my husband keeps looking at them - but he doesn't want one of those. No, he wants a 17" with a full keyboard. But, he does not need one, so I keep telling him no.

I'm a creature of habit and routine, too. If I get out of my routine, I end up forgetting something. Everything must be done in a certain order and in a certain way. We really must be sisters!

Mom Knows Everything

I'm tagging you with a meme when you have time to do it :o)



Go and splurge on a new one :) Just eat bologna sandwiches for a few weeks to make up for the cost :) Just popped in to say hello!!

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