Monday, December 10, 2007

I've Got An IDEA

As the title says, I've got an idea, and I think it's a good one ;-)

I want to start something... kind of like a meme, but not really a meme... I just want to try something and I'm not sure how to go about all of it, so here I sit typing to y'all and hoping that you will give me lots of feedback and ideas. PLEASE - input people! I need input (cuz, in case I didn't mention it - I think this is a good idea).

I want to start a weekly post that has to do with books... since it seems that the majority of us love to read, I think this would be both beneficial and fun.

Here's my thoughts for now (they are very rough ideas - that's where y'all come in)...
I could either start a meme where whoever joins makes a post about a book recommendation each week, wherein they can include a review or some information about the book like the general plot, genre, etc.
Or, I could just do a post each week about a book I've read and then a follow-up post of people's comments either on that book or recommendations for similar books. My only concern with this second choice is I tend to mostly read a certain genre (not always, but mostly), so it wouldn't be as diverse as if everyone participated.

Anyway - those are my thoughts.
I don't know if this would be of interest to anyone or not - so I'm going to see if I get any feedback about it, and then go from there.
Technically, I should do this on my other blog, since it is all about writing and photography, but that blog does not have near as much traffic as this one. Obviously, if I am going to attempt something like this, I want it on the blog with traffic so I will have participants :-)

Please give me some feedback - let me know if you would want to participate in something like this, or if you just have too many other blog-things you participate in. And, if you do like the idea, then please shoot out some ideas of what you think would make it fun and great and worthwhile.

OK, now...
go type that comment to me!



It's a great idea in theory Misty but I couldn't commit myself to it at the moment because
a) I'm not reading much at the moment because
b) I'm really busy with other things like looking after my Dad, as you know he's just come out of hospital.

Good luck with it though if you decide to get it going, I may join in the future. xx

BeccA's Buzz

Ok, some thoughts here.
I think that there are a huge number of people who read alot and would be interested in these types of posts. However, I can only give you tips on my situation so here goes. I don't read as much as I would like. I don't read fast and it takes me a loooong time to finish a book. I haven't read alot of books. So if the posts are asking for opinions on books I haven't read, I just wouldn't participate. If you are looking for a post that alot of people could participate in, regardless of what they read, how much they have read and so on and so forth, maybe you should gear your posts to be about thoughts on what you are currently reading. In other words, something you have read in the past week (book, newspaper article, so on) how did it move you or lift you up or upset you or .....I don't know, just sort of thinking out loud here, really. I'd be happy to help you design a badge for it once you have it figured out though!! LOL I'll keep thinking about this too and come back if I get any ideas.


First, congrats, Misty, for getting the Comment Queen Award! Good work... Second take a look at another of my blogs called Books, Reading, Ideas
I am a reader and I conduct classes in Continuing Education for Adults on classic and contemporary literature. I'd be happy to contribute to your meme each week by recommending books with reviews or a review and personal comments.
Let me know what you think...

Memarie Lane

I would do it. Just leave it open to all genres, and I'm sure you will have plenty of people joining in. And it's true that not everyone reads a new book every week, but personally I would like to post about my favorite books I have read in the past, not just whatever I'm currently reading. People might also like to write about books that they'd LIKE to read to ask for input.

Good luck!

Mom Knows Everything

I'll do whatever meme that you start, but it takes me a long time to finish a book with all the kids around here. I suppose I could do books that I've already read. Hey, does kids book count. LOL! Love Ya Dork :o)


I love to talk about books. A weekly meme might be a little much for some people. Sometimes, depending on how tired I am, it takes me longer than a week to finish a book.

Ahem, writing of books, have you ever finished Outlander???


I would love to participate in a reading thingy, since I am usually in the middle of reading something.


Mist, I'd so enjoy a book meme--this being an intensive meme, what if you were to do it a certain day of each month--something like the fist x of the month or the 11th of the month, something like that. If it goes well, then bringgg it up to weekly. Idk. Just my thoughts--I love books but I am a slowwww reader. xoxo

Heart of Rachel

Hi Misty. This is a nice idea but not sure if I can commit to it being a weekly thing since I haven't been able to read a good book lately. Good luck and hope it pushes through. Take care!


Great idea Misty although I can't commit to it considering I only read kids books to them at bedtime...Someday I should be able to curl up in bed and read for myself...

Happy Holidays


I think this is a fabulous idea. You could even post a genre for the week, and people could list their favorite in that group. There are lots of ways you could go! Now that I'm spending all my "free minutes" on the computer blogging, I'm not reading much, but I love discussing old books that I've read before. My favorite author is Wally Lamb. You could also pick an author, and have people choose from several of his or her books in a poll, etc. You'll probably think of the perfect way, I'm just throwing things out there off the top of my head. : )


Great idea, and you could link to others who blog book reviews....such as I do:


I like the first idea. As you know, I read a LOT! :) Once you decide, be sure to list it at :)


I think the idea is good but I am not sure I could commit to a weekly contribution but could try. I think it a more adult idea than some of the silliness that does get put in some memes. I guess I can be a bit of a grinch about these things but to me blogging is like journalism it is worth giving quality on ones blog not just quantity. At least I think so.

It is a good idea go for it.

Cariboo Ponderer

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