Sunday, December 9, 2007

Misty and the Crew Shakin' It For You!

Bringing you a some holiday entertainment from Misty and the furkids...
I had WAY too much fun with this!



You elfed yourselves. Adorable. Have a great day. :)


Now that's the first time I've ever seen dancing elf dogs! Too cute! And it was fun, wasn't it? Though Amanda still keeps telling me that I'm evil!

Mom Knows Everything

My computer is running really slow today and when I clicked on the link in your email it chugged forever. I'm going to try it again while I wait for the cookies to bake.

Love ya my dorky elf.


Hi Misty, I have tag for you. Check out at my blog when ever you have time ^_^;;


Hi Misty, I have tag for you. Check out at my blog when ever you have time ^_^;;

Mom Knows Everything

Why is the date on this post Wednesday December 12th? I'm still baking, but on a coffee break :o)


Misty and the furkids - my new favorite dancing troupe. That was fun!


For some reason, I can't load it. My computer has been loading for like 15 minutes, and it's not even half way done. I really wanted to see dancing dog elves, too!


You're the most adorable elf there ever ever was! And I think the first furry elf on the left was a little too into this dancing thing, watch that one!

GiGi was amazing, girlfriend, I sooo wish you were there with us. I hope the next time she comes you'll be able to meet us and we'll force her to stay awake ALL night long. xoxo

Mom Knows Everything

I finally got it downloaded. You guys rock!!!!

The Egel Nest

I have seen a lot of the elf yourself things before...but never with the funny!

The Egel Nest

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