Wednesday, December 12, 2007

My Ice World

I skated ventured my way outside today to get some photos of my ice world to share with you.When you walk outside, the world seems void of color. Everything is white or shades of gray.
Ice... ice... everywhere... ice.
Our barbed wire fence provided for some beautiful photos though (in my opinion).
Everything seems to be frozen in time... void of color and void of movement.
The red metal fence posts truly stand out as they add a touch of color.
Even the stray strands of grass are individually encased in a new home of ice.
I bet my husband is thankful he hooked my dryer up and avoided his clothes being freeze-dried.Ice Winter wonderland
Mokey takes a moment to say 'hello' between trying to get this cold stuff off her paws.



Burr girlfriend. Wow, that looks really, really cold. I'll quit complaining about how cold it was during my walk this morning. Have a great day and stay warm. :)


Wow, Misty, I can't get over the ice...beautiful pictures though...did it knock out the electricity?...what an storms scare me! I would take a snow storm anyday and lots of it.

take care and thanks for the pictures

Happy Holidays

Mo and The Purries

You sure got a lot more ice than us!
Great pictures!

(I hope Mokey got to come in somewhere WARM after these pictures!!!)


Beautiful but deadly isn't it?
Nice shots Misty.
But I'll echo Carrie. Snowstorms over ice storms any day.
Take care.

The Gal Herself

These photos are gorgeous! We've had plenty of similar weather here, but I've been watching where I walk so carefully that I've missed the beauty. I guess this is the winter version of "stop and smell the roses," huh? Stop and admire the ice?

Mom Knows Everything

Holy mackerel! be very careful!!!! Those are beautiful pictures, but I don't want you falling on the ice. I miss you Dork!


What a gorgeous series of pictures! I can't believe that you've actually made me miss being in an ice storm! Well, at least miss looking at the scenery.

Stay safe, especially when it all starts to melt!

Heart of Rachel

I've never experienced anything remotely close to that kind of weather. Imagine those strands of grass crystallized like that.

Great photos. It must be fun to play in the snow. It does remind of Winter Wonderland.


Beautiful photos of the ice. My daughter wants to tell you that your cat is cute. She wants to know does Mokey stay outside all the time?


the picture is so beautiful and my son loves to see the cat


Wow, as beautiful as that is, it's a bit scary as well!!


Ice Ice Baby....WHO sings that?

You got much more than we did--we still lost power for a few hours last night, but you win. You're the ice princess (is this good?) xoxo


Holy crap! Stay away from that power line! We've had ice before, but nothing like this. The fifth picture down of the fence if incredible! Well the all are, but that one is just outstanding. Mokey does not look pleased with the weather. You take care out there... hope things thaw relatively easy and without more damage.


These pictures are beautiful. I especially like the ones of the fence. I'm just glad I'm here where it was almost 80 degrees today!


Your pictures are amazing. Ice just brings everything to a standstill, doesn't it? We lucked out here and mostly got wet, icy snow, which is so much easier to deal with.

Jillie Bean (AKA Bubba's Sis)

Beautiful, Misty Dawn! I have never seen/experienced anything like that. It is amazing!

Cathy, Amy and Kristina

Wow, that's amazing. We've had a few ice storms here, but nothing like that. Beautiful photos.


Nice shot, Misty. Wow, it must be very cold :(

Bradley's Mom

Incredible pictures, Misty!

We had some ice here too, but NOTHING like yours!

Keep warm and safe!!



Lovely pictures. It was icy here this morning but nothing like you've got there!


Hi Misty,

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amazing....makes me shudder thinking of the cold.

however...truly beautiful.

Crazed Nitwit

Terific photos my pal. So beautiful yet so treacherous. We had what they called a "silver thaw"(looks same is ice storm to me) and I was stunned by the cruel beauty.

Keep warm and safe and know you've been in my thoughts recently.



I only hope the sun comes out before the temperatures come up, so you can get some gorgeous, sparkly, sun-through-the-ice photos. You have some great pics here, Misty. Makes me miss home.


Wow Misty - unbelievable photos! You sure don't get anything like that it tropical Australia! :)


Holy Crap BATMAN!! That looks cold and beautiful at the same time! You are one talented photographer!!

The Egel Nest

I know the weather sucked...but those pictures are gorgeous!

The Egel Nest

The Spaz

Those are some gorgeous shots there. Very nice, keep up the good work :)


As always Mindy...great photo work!

My girlfriend (JFord on my blog) lives in Oklahoma City and was without power for a few days. Her, her daughter, her mother, and her sister all stayed in an area extended stay hotel for two days I believe.

After viewing your photos, now I truly understand what she was describing to me.

I hope that you are fairing well in the inclement weather. I will be sure to say a prayer for you and yours.



Wow...amazing photos! I can't imagine having to get to work and just live normally in those kinds of conditions! We complain if it's cold...and it very, very rarely gets to snow or ice temperatures!


Hello there Misty...

Ready for Christmas yet?!

I hope you get this...

it's girlfriend/sister week and I have something for you!

Happy Holidays


Yep me again...I have a meme tag for you over on my Jabber Jaws blog. come by and take a look if you have time Misty...reflecting back on 2007 and your greatest memories.

Have a great weekend and I hope you are starting to unthaw...:0)


Travis Cody

Brrrrr. Just brrrrrr.


As scary as that is, being ice and all--it is really beautiful!!


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Beautiful photos, but I bet it isn't quite as nice in person. I hate ice storms...they are worse than snow.

Never That Easy

These are some stunning pictures: I'm sorry about the ice, though... it does tend to make things more complicated. Hope that you and yours are doing fine and well, this December night. Sorry I've been such a lurker. Be well!

Misty, these photos are simply spectacular...I really loved looking through them...thanks~ Stay as warm as your heart~

Thank you for the warm words and wishes when I was away. It really made me feel good to know I have friends who missed me and care. You're such a nice person. I have the Nutty Blogger Award waiting for you on A Nice Place In The Sun when you have the chance to pick it up~

Warm wishes`


Mom Knows Everything

Hi BBFF! I miss you Dork, but I hope you're projects for school are great! I have an award for you when you get back. LOVE YA!!!

Astro Galaxy

Great Pictures & cute cat.

Merry Christmas

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