Saturday, December 1, 2007

Reason for Changed Copyright

While I sit here wrapped up in a blanket, avoiding the severe ice storm going on in our little area of Missouri today (up to a half inch of ice expected), and feeling like someone is driving an ice pick into my ear (I think it finally turned into a full blown ear infection), I will tell you the story of why my copyright symbol now says Misty DawnS... that looks so dumb, doesn't it? I really need a logo or something - I'm open for suggestions. Anyway...

After reading posts about what searches people were using to get to my friends' blogs, I started attempting to find that information about my blog (which I haven't... yet). As I was looking over different sites in an attempt to find this often amusing information, I ended up at Technorati. As I glanced at a page, I saw a blog that linked to me which I didn't recognize... that's no big deal, the linky love, memes, and do follow lists really travel. Upon further investigation, I saw this blog linked back to EVERY post I've made in the past few weeks. Naturally, I went to check out the blog which was being so generous by linking to all my posts. The blog, my friends, is a blog about 'adult stars'. The domain name has that three letter 's' word in it... you know the one that guys never get enough of ;-) Apparently this blog thinks that I am a particular Misty Dawn, who has much bigger better assets that I.

There is an absolute knock out blond (I can hear those keys typing in the Google search box right now) named Misty Dawn. Trust me - the only thing that is similar about me and this hottie is our name! Now, she's not a 'porn' star, she is a 'glamour' and 'glamour-nude' photography model - which I honestly do not have a problem with, as long as it is not trashy (does that make sense? probably not). In fact, she is very beautiful and the majority of her photos are also very beautiful (they are NOT all of her being completely nude).

Anyway, I was laughing about this, and my husband asks "What's so funny?"
I said, "Well, I may be Misty Dawn, but unfortunately, I look nothing like that Misty Dawn!"
Hubs came and looked at the computer... and continued looking at the computer... with Hubs eyes still locked with that Misty Dawn's brea eyes... I finally broke the trance...
"OK Hubs, you get the idea"
"What? Oh I can't see it - there's a glare on the monitor or something. Try clicking on another page in the gallery and see if that helps."
"Suuuuuure Hubs, glare on the monitor.... riiiiiiight." LOL - Geesh... I guess he thinks this Misty Dawn is also extremely gullible! ;-)



Wrapped up in a blanket during an ice storm...cozy :0)
We are finally getting our first snowfall, it could change some plans for the Santa Claus Parade this evening. I think you will find me wrapped up in a blanket later on when the kiddies are off to bed...
---a glare on the monitor, sure! lol

I have my very own award for you, come by and get it!

have a great Saturday night


Trust me, I shan't be going searching for any buxom Misty Dawns! I'll leave that to the men!

Hope your ear feels better soon! Stay warm and have nice hot drinks while you're wrapped in that cozy blanket!

Travis Cody

We had a little snow dusting last night, with more expected sometime this weekend. It didn't stock on the ground, but it's very grey outside and fffffreezing.

So we'll be keeping nice and snuggly while we watch a full day of college sports.

Good luck with that ear!


He's a man, he has a pulse. It's a BOY THING.

You should see Brian looking at Lara Coft.

Mom Knows Everything

I googled Misty Dawn once and I found out that you do share the same name with that rather buxomed one. It's kinda funny....LOL!


Funny! Did you get the ice there? We got rain, it's not that cold yet....I hope no ice, I hate ice. Lots. Nothing good ever came out of an ice storm! xo


Weird how they were linking to all your posts without first checking to see whether you were that Misty Dawn or not. Bigger does not necessarily mean better - just so you know!

To find information on searches people use to find your site, go to Google Analytics, if you have that, select Traffic Sources, and then pick Keywords. You'll get a report of all the keywords people use to find you.


Sorry to read you've been poorly Misty.

Re the other Misty Dawn - I bet your hubby thinks she's not a patch on you! ;)


So where's the picture of "the other" Misty Dawn?! LOL.


Great post ... very funny.
Have a great day Misty. You are waaaay to prolific for me to comment on your others posts, but the memes were interesting ... a great insight.

Jillie Bean (AKA Bubba's Sis)

What? You mean that's not you? And all this time I thought it was....

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