Monday, December 10, 2007

The Weekend

It's been quite the busy weekend...
We went out to play pool Friday night, and, I must admit, I was kicking some major booty, y'all. I won six out of ten games against the Hubs!!! WoooHooo for me! I should have bet on a laptop! Then, one of the guys that we know pretty well came over and asked if we would mind playing partners with him and his girlfriend. We said sure. Well, we had no idea that this girlfriend takes competition very seriously. She kept getting mad and yelling and telling me that she was a very sore loser... ummm, yeah, you didn't really need to clarify that for me, I kind of already had that figured out. Then, she started yelling "I'm drunk! I'm done! I don't like to lose!" Well, OK then! So, that was that LOL

Saturday, the Hubs went to an auction with his brother-in-law, and I started in on the messy bedroom. I came to the conclusion that I have WAY too many clothes. But, they are all so beautiful, and I can't stand the thought of parting with them... especially when I still don't know if the making money from home thing is going to work out. If it doesn't, then I'll need all those dress clothes. Except for the rather large collection of billowy skirts... You see, it's quite windy here... almost all the time. The billowy skirts get, ummm, VERY billowy when the wind catches them - I end up doing my own version of Marilyn Monroe. Hubs got home and helped me with the bedroom. He started counting my sweaters... Yeah, well, I love sweaters. They are pretty, and they are warm. Then, he was counting my deer sweatshirts... Hey! Back off the deer sweatshirts Hubs! They have deer on them - what else needs to be said? But I really had to draw the line when he said "Do you really need ALL these Cleveland Indians shirts??? I mean, Misty, you have like 15 Cleveland Indians shirts." My reply - "Yes, I do! And, I need even more! Do NOT touch the Cleveland Indians shirts - you might get fingerprints on them or something!"

Then, he hooked up the dryer in the basement (finally). When I threatened to make him immediately put on a pair of jeans right after I took them off the ice covered clothesline, he decided that I should have my dryer hooked up. (Thanks for the motivating suggestion LMQ!)

Yesterday, was mostly a lazy day. I spent a lot of time drooling over looking at laptops online... and reading the 'great deals' aloud to my husband. I'd follow it up with "Just sayin". I also got to talk on instant messenger to a very good friend, whom I hadn't had a chance to chat with for awhile. That was fun, although the laptop kept overheating and shutting down... luckily he knew about my laptop troubles, and realized what was happening, rather than thinking I was just very rude ;-)

So, that was my weekend. Next weekend, we will be busy getting things ready for the trip... I'm so excited to see everyone, but I just hope that it doesn't turn into a big hectic headache trying to fit in all the visits and plans into such a short amount of time.



You play POOL, Misty. I also play POOL but only at computer hehehe. Online yahoo games :D

The Gal Herself

I understand your need for the Cleveland Indian shirts. A girl's relationship with her baseball team is critical, as is how we express it. I have a rotation of Chicago Cub shirts and I'm careful to give each one the proper wear and attention.

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