Sunday, December 30, 2007

What the Heck???

What's going on???
I got home yesterday evening...
Tag has taken off down the road twice today;
My husband woke me up this morning telling me that the desktop computer was "dead - won't even boot up";
After several hours of working on the desktop to get it working again, I unpacked a ton of stuff we brought back with us, and thought I would start getting caught up on my blogs... (I only got through the 'A's)
I got a phone call at 9 p.m. asking me to go in and work tomorrow at the insurance company... so I'm scrambling to get stuff together and done for tomorrow since I won't be here!
Please tell me that this is NOT a sign of what the new year is going to be like!
Honestly, I'm not sure if I'm happy to be 'home' or not...

On a side note, I was missing my daddy terribly last night... then, this morning, trying like heck to get the desktop running again... in the middle of all of it, I put an ice cube in my cup of coffee (I don't like it too hot) and the ice cube blew up and spit coffee all over the place! I finally just screamed "I think we are supposed to go back 'home' NOW!" Honestly, I'm not upset - it's just all very ironic. LOL - I'll talk to ALL of you very soon!


Mimi Lenox

I think you should go back to bed and start this day all over again.
Hope to see you again soon.....


Take a deep breath - in and out, in and out, in and out..... better now? x


Nope this isn't what 2008 is going to be like. This is still 2007. So, tomorrow will be a very wonderful day. Take a deep breath and relax. Big hug. Happy New Year. :)

Mom Knows Everything

Happy New Year my BBFF! I hope you get to go out tonight and have a great time! I'll check later to see if you're online. Love Ya Dork!


Oiy! I'd go back too! Lol, hey girl, I was so happy to see all the sweet comments over at my blog. I've missed ya so too. But I can't say much, I've been a little out of sorts lately and not blogging as I should. I keep thinking it will be better, but eh, you know how it goes.

Nothing new with Niki, Mist, keep praying. I've got to stop being so down about it, I know this, so I'm asking all my friends to pray and lift me up so I can parent the boys I have here. It's all I can do.

I just want to tell you how very very glad I am to be beginning the new year with great new friends, and you are at the top of that group, Mist. Here's to the new year brining you many many many blessings. You are deserving, even if you don't think it. xoxo

Travis Cody

I still have one full day left of vacation and I'm pushing all thoughts of going back to **** to the back of my mind for now.

I don't want to think about it until 7am Wednesday.

Best wishes for a great 2008!

Smalltown RN

WEll I know we are all glad you are back....especially Tammy....seems she missed you a lot.....and yes....take a deep breath in and then out.....ahhh...there we go.....I hope you have a great New Years.....take care ....


Wishing you A HAPPY NEW YEAR and everything that's good.

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