Sunday, January 6, 2008

Andy Olmsted

While catching up on one of my favorite blogs, Wading Through My Stream of Consciousness, I read her most recent post, Getting the Last Word, and, after clicking through to read the post of Andy Olmsted, who served in the Army for our freedom and asked a fellow blogger to make his last post for him in the event of his death... I now sit here with tears streaming down my face and find that I am absolutely speechless. I have no words right now, but Andy had words that he wanted posted, words that he wanted read, words that he felt needed to be said. Although I never found his blog and had the chance to read his words while he was alive, I, in my heart, feel that it is my responsibility, the very least I can do, to ask that you please click on this link, read his words, have moment of silence for Andy, and say a prayer for those feeling the pain of losing him.

Thank you Andy, for serving our country, for making the ultimate sacrifice for our country... for making the ultimate sacrifice for us... Thank You.



Very nicely said, Misty.


I'll check it out sad.. Thanks for stopping by my blog..come by anytime.


...big sigh...well said, Misty. Heading over now.


Thanks for doing this Misty Dawn. I certainly thank Andy. I will say a prayer for him and check out his last words.

Breaks my heart. So many lives lost....

david mcmahon

You certainly moved me, Misty.

Mom Knows Everything

That is so sad. I'm going to head over there now. Love Ya!

Heart of Rachel

Thank you Misty for sharing the link. I read the post and it really moved me. God bless Andy.


he certainly had a way with words...sigh.

Jillie Bean (AKA Bubba's Sis)

I have no words. Thank you for posting this, Misty.


I'll click on the link now and have a read. So sad indeed for another life lost.


I also read about this in other blog. That is sad, even i don't know him personally.


Andy's words say it all. :(

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