Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Attention Blogging Buddies

In 2007, I was introduced to blogging. With that introduction, I was blessed with the discovery of so many indescribably special friendships. These friendships know no boundaries or restrictions due to distance. These friends got to know 'me', the true me, without the distractions of physical issues which sometimes prevent someone from taking the time to get to know the real person.
In six short months, these friends have stood by me when I was sad, scared, confused, lost, worried, nervous, angry, and depressed. These same friends have celebrated with me, cheered me on, laughed with me, and joined in with me when I was in a silly mood.
When we first arrived for our holiday visit, I immediately raced to the nearest computer. My BBFF (Tammy) had received results of a biopsy, and I had been traveling and unable to be there with her and find out the news. I knew it would be good news through, because I had prayed so much that God was going to make it OK just so He could get me to shut up ;-) As I anxiously checked my e-mail, I was asked "Is this 'one of those online friends'?" "Well, I met her online. Does that answer your question?"
Then I heard it... I knew is was coming, and I have become more and more intolerable of this comment or way of thinking... "So, she's not a REAL friend then?"
I just smiled and calmly replied, "Oh yes, she's a real friend. I have many wonderful 'real' friends whom I've never met face-t0-face, yet I say prayers for them every night. They have real families and real lives. They have real feelings and emotions, real worries, real dreams, real ideas, and real talents. These friendships are REAL blessings, which I wouldn't trade for anything. And, honestly, sometimes I think these friendships are more 'real' than others, because with these friendships, you get to know the 'real' person and that is what the friendship is based upon. Am I real? You don't doubt that I'm real; just like Tammy's son, daughter, and husband certainly have no doubts that Tammy is real. And, I have no doubt that these friendships are real!"

That was the first night I arrived, and, after that, my online friendships were not questioned again.

These friends I keep referring to, of course, are all of you! I am thankful for the opportunity to meet all of you. I am thankful for everything you have done for me. I am thankful for the friendships you have given me. I am looking forward to being friends through this next year. I am thankful that you are REAL.



Happy New Year, Misty! Your response to that comment rocked.


Yep, I consider you a friend too. Have a great New Year and I'll be right here to share it with you. :)


Have a wonderful New Year Aunt Misty!!

Mom Knows Everything

Misty, you made me cry! I thank God that I found such a wonderful friend. you are certainly more real to me than people I have know for years. Because we have never actually met face to face I think that our friendship is stronger than others. We have a special bond! I love you!!! Tammy

i beati

unique and fun post - I pinched myself and darn if i wasn't real !!!


You go girl!! What an excellent answer, couldn't have said it better myself!

Best wishes for the best in 2008!


I'm so relieved to find out I'm real! And Tammy, too. I was wondering about her. LOL!

I'm thankful for you, too - and I'm really glad you're back! 2008 here we come.

Smalltown RN

I'm glad I am real too.....I have always enjoyed what you have had to say...and yes all your moods...but hey don't we all get that sometimes....I am also glad you are back and blogging.....here's to a wonderful 2008 and your continued friendship with Tammy.....and the rest of us...cheers

Bradley's Mom

Hi Misty:

Glad you are back up and running on here!!

I have missed you!!

Yes, these friendships are real.......I don't doubt that for a second. And very special in so many ways!

It's an honor and a pleasure to have become friends with folks like you!!

Have a wonderful New Year!!


Nikki Neurotic

Happy New Year...that was one of the nicest entries to come back to after being away for so long. :)

Cathy, Amy and Kristina


And happy New Year!

Jillie Bean (AKA Bubba's Sis)

Happy New Year, Misty Dawn!!! Thank you for being a real friend to me, too!


Happy new year, Misty. I really glad that we meet in here :D

oh...I am tagging you to New Year's Resolution meme

Come and see at my blog ^_^


What a lovely post!

Of course we're all REAL! :)


You made me tear up...really!


You perfectly described how I feel about my friends I met through the internet and how my family reacts. Excellent post.

Very Happy New Year to you. I wish you and yours great blessings. I hope things are going better than they were on your last post.


When you get a chance, be sure to click on this link: http://www.marcuslangford.com/2007/12/takin-time-to-give-thanks.html.

I gave you some much needed blog love.

Take care and I will see you around.


Heart of Rachel

Hi Misty. This is a beautiful message for your friends. I'm glad to have met you through blogging last year and looking forward to getting to know you more in 2008. Wishing you and your family a blessed New Year. Take care.


Happy New Year! friend blogger! :)

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