Sunday, January 13, 2008

Did You Ever Feel Like...

you were being watched?
I went for a walk today (Yes, on my mission to get a photo of that evil bird). I didn't see the bird, but I did see six deer. Unfortunately, they were too far away to get a good photo, and by the time I got the telephoto lens on the Sony, the deer took off.
When I got back from my walk, and was coming through the gate by the barn, I had the distinct feeling I was being watched.
Turns out, I was right - this is what I saw when I looked up at the loft doors of the barn.
No, they are not stuck... it just looks that way (silly kitties).


Mom Knows Everything

Awww...silly kitties!


oh my pity cat.


Haha... this is an interesting article.
I like the way you phase it.
Well done!

Alex's World! -

Travis Cody

The black faced one looks like he's calling to you.


Silly cats! I probably would've been just a little bit startled at first. Thanks for stopping by and visiting my blog. Looks like we share a love of dogs and photography! You do have great photos and a great blog.


Cute kitty. I do like cats. I have updated my links for your new domain

Jillie Bean (AKA Bubba's Sis)

Good grief, Misty - that top one looks like a panther staring out at you! That's kinda scary!

david mcmahon

What a wonderful series of pictures. The whole kitten caboodle!!!

Crazed Nitwit

Did you know if you go to you some person from India. I was looking for you and thinking What the Hell kinda drugs is Misty on???


Hilarious! It really does look like he is stuck though and trying to wiggle his way out of the situation.

Great photo!


Heart of Rachel

So the bird remains elusive until now.

Great photos of the kitten peeking at you.


Awww! I want one! hee! Great series of pictures, very cute.

Nikki Neurotic

Aww, those kittens are adorable!

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