Thursday, January 31, 2008

Enough Already

My husband is sick... we are trying to avoid pneumonia, if it hasn't already developed into that. So, I've been running around the house filling the humidifier and vaporizer, picking up cough drop wrappers and tissues, and fixing breathing treatments in a breathing machine we borrowed from my sister-in-law. He really feels lousy, and, because of that, I feel lousy because I wish I could do more to make him feel better.

THEN - I went into the bathroom a little bit ago and heard water... lots of water... NO, more like a waterfall... like an explosion of water. What the heck? I come back through the house, open the door to the addition and see water... TONS of water all over the floor and spraying all over the place. I throw open the door and shout "We've got a PROBBBBBB LEM!" Hubs runs and turns off the main water. So, we go to the basement (which is now partially flooded) to work on the pipes. Hubs really should NOT be standing in the damp, partially flooded, and freezing cold basement - but, last time I checked, I don't have a lot of plumbing experience under my belt. We get the pipe cut, dried, fluxed, capped, and soldered. Hubs goes back outside and turns the water back on... I race up the basement steps (nearly tripping and falling on my face) to the door, throw it open and scream "Turn it OFF! Turn it OFF!" Why? Because now there is water violently spraying out of the other pipe! So, repeat the previous steps on this pipe. UGH! It's fixed now - I'm rewashing about three loads of laundry which got soaked from the water pouring down through the floor. I tried using a broom to push the water into the basement drain, but the drain is plugged - Hubs says that drain being plugged means that eventually our shower and toilet are going to stop working too (What did I do to deserve this??? Oh yeah, I agreed to move to this house) It could have been worse, I guess... but it certainly had bad timing.

On a more humorous note -
The breathing machine we borrowed uses a mask which you strap around your head. The only mask my sister-in-law had was for my nieces, and it is this really cute purple dinosaur mask. Hehehehe. After fixing up the first treatment and handing my husband the mask, he promptly looked at me and ordered "Don't even get any ideas about taking a picture of this so you can blog about it!" Me??? Would I think such a thing? I mean, he acts like all I do I think about how I can blog about stuff! Ya know, nothing is sexier than a 44 year old man wearing a child-sized purple dinosaur (or Barney, as Tammy called it) mask with medicine-vapored smoke coming out the nostrils of the mask... I'm telling ya - so HOT!

NOW, if you have not done so already I ask you... demand... and beg you to please read the post below this one. It is VERY, VERY important to me that you read that post. If you never read my blog again - just read THAT post - PLEASE. (and thank you)


Mo and The Purries

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Your luck seems to be like mine recently. No broken pipes for me, but a broken car. :(

And yes, we want pics of Hubby The Dinosaur!

Thanks for letting me know you're in Entrecard. What category is your blog listed under?


Sorry to hear about the water pipes. :( Hope your hubby is feeling better and pictures would be nice! ;)


Sorry about the pipes. I hate plumbing problems. I have a visual on hubby and the barney mask. Not hot. Bwahahahahahah. I hope he feels better soon. Have a great day. :)


We had something similar happen over the Christmas, of course, when all the stores were shut. Also now where my husband does some work at a local resort after our -35C spell of weather they have had lots of pipes break. Hope you get that and hubby sorted out soon

Mom Knows Everything

Hey, I think the Barney mask is HOT!!! hehehe


Oh dang! I'm sorry about your pipes and sick hubby. Hope both are healed soon!

And, yes, pics would be nice. ;)


Seriously, girl, I hope for your sake that that house gets fixed up soon! It sounds like it could literally be hazardous to your health! I'd call ABC & Ty for ya, but they only do home makeovers for those who have children. (Biased much?)

Kelly Ann

Oh man! That totally bites about he pipes! Hopefully something gets better of it sooner then later.


We had an issue with hot water pipes once - but at least we got it turned off right away.

I suppose now you're even from the time he made you climb up on the roof when you were sick?

Seriously - pictures of Hubs in the Barney mask would be priceless.

Travis Cody

Oh man! I hate water trouble. I had a bad leak that cost about $10k in repairs. Luckily I had insurance.


Oh no! What a crappy day all-around! I hope your husband feels better SOON and that your plumbing behaves until then!

Hugs to you all!

Nikki Neurotic

I hope your husband feels better soon.

The Egel Nest

It is stories like these that make me glad to have a newer home...sorry you had to go through this!

The Egel Nest

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