Thursday, January 24, 2008

From Molly

Hi everyone! It's me - Molly. I just needed to vent about something, and since Mommy comes on here to vent to you guys all the time, I thought I would too! You see, it's that darn puppy! Oh yeah, I know you all think she's the cutest thing evahhhhh, but let me tell you - she's evil! She's spoiled rotten, and because she's so darn cute, she gets away with everything. Seriously! You wouldn't believe the things she gets away with! Tag and I always get told that we are older and we know better. Blah - Blah - Blahhhh - that's what I say. Let me just give you some examples...

Mommy and I went for a walk the other day. It was cold, but I didn't care, because I had Mommy all to myself, and I brought my ball along on the walk. I ALWAYS follow the b.y.o.b. rule - You know, bring.your.own.ball. Yep, I'm good about that. So, anyway, Mommy and I got back from our walk and you know what happened? That darn puppy immediately stole my ball! Yep! Can you imagine? AND, she got away with it! Didn't even get in trouble!

She's a chewer too - chews on everything! Everything! She even chewed a 2x2 right in half the other day! Why the heck would any dog in her right mind want to chew a board in half? She's not right in the head, I tell ya.

Ahhh, but I think she is going to be in some serious trouble now - Oh yes, she's going to get what's coming to her! LOOK what she did last night while Mommy and Daddy were sleeping!!!
Those are Mommy's sweatpants! Oh that puppy is going to be in so much trouble!!! AND - look at this...
That is the end table leg! She did that to the furniture! I told you she was evil! Mommy's daddy (whom I really like cuz he always brings me treats and stuff) had the nerve to say that puppy-teeth marks just add character to the furniture, so she shouldn't get in trouble! Can you believe that crap???

I swear, if she gets away with this just because she is so cute, I'm going to pack up my toys and move somewhere where I can be an only dog! This is ridiculous!


The Gal Herself

Had dinner last night with a friend who has two lively terriers. We compared notes on my feline and her canine damage and laughed at ourselves. Remember when things like pristine sofas (me) cabinets (her) and table legs (you) seemed sooo important? Sharing your life with pets really reprioritizes things, doesn't it?


I woke up from a nap the other day to find a beaver in a Seven suit had chewed my bedpost. This was new & I'm hoping "Bitter Apple" will help her understand that wood is yucky.


That's something I'm very familiar with, our Staffordshire Bull Terrier has eaten 3 pairs of reading glasses, 3 mobile phones, countless magazines, the bounce card and diffuser from a Canon 580ex flash, and too many other things as well!

They do grow out of it however..


Oh poor Molly, and poor puppy when mom sees the damage!

david mcmahon

Psssst, puppy, run and hide!!

Misty, I'm delighted about your award. That's great news. And I'm so thrilled that I was the first person to find out.


Bradley's Mom


What are you going to do about that naughty puppy???


So it's not just the kids that can cause trouble around the house and often feel they want to be an only child...I WAS considering getting Blake a really puppy but I don't think I'm ready to deal with the furniture being chewed, the kids are hard enough on it as is LOL

enjoy your night


Love the tile, does that help?

AND......LOVE LOVE LOVE THAT YOU WON H/M IN THE PHOTOGRAPHY CONTEST MIST!!!! Girl if you keep this up, we'll be paying just for the honor or looking at your blog. Go Misty Go!!!!! (I love ya, don't be afraid, I'm just excited!) xo

Rachel (Crazy-Is)

That is the cutest post!!! Poor Molly! She can come live with me ;)


Well Molly, you have a good rant going here, but you aren't being fair. I'll bet if you ask mommy about chewing that you did the same thing when you were a pup.

You can come and live with me, but you'll have to share with my dog Little Bit who weighs in at about 80 pounds. Her favorite friend is a wonderful Border Collie names Dayton. The three of you would have great times, but I will tell you my dog is the biggest thief in the neighborhood. She steals every ball she finds.

Go love on mommy and things will be okay. They can't be puppies forever. Big tummy love... :)


Oh my goodness. We have similar looking furniture from when Buster was a puppy. Maybe I'm crazy for wanting another puppy...Border Collies are so cute though!

Nikki Neurotic

Yeah, my puppy did a lot of the same things when we first got her.

Mom Knows Everything

Oh that bad puppy! You can live with me Molly if you want to. :o)


Hahaha! Which makes me think of getting a puppy for my toddler. LOL. Hmm, maybe not... ;)


Poor Molly, maybe Mom could give her an extra doggie cookie so she'll feel just a bit better??

As for that puppy - she definitely loves to chew!!

Jillie Bean (AKA Bubba's Sis)

Oh, those puppy teeth! Been there, done that - had the T-shirt but the puppy chewed it up. But the puppy love you get in return - oh, it's worth it, isn't it??


ohhh you got it easy Molly! Abby here from Moms Place... err Mrs Squidleys Place (I have no idea what a squidley is, but Mom and Dad use the name... Humans!)
The puppy over here is no longer a puppy and she still gets called a puppy... sheesh.. she's 3 years for crying out loud. I have nowhere to sleep at night anymore, but on a stinkin' old bed throw on the floor!! I've been banned from the human bed by the puppy. She ate the couch so Mom and Dad had to throw it out.. same with the loveseat and the other recliner. Mom is talking Daddy into a futon... I'm sure she'll try to eat that too. Our recliner that's left is missing the top roll of cushion off the back now and lets not even talk about the kitchen set she destroyed. Oh and she even ate a pair of Moms Birkie clogs ... $80. clogs!! Do you know how many cookies $80. can buy?? I was top dog... *sigh*
Sorry to vent in your vent.
Peace and Bones to ya!


Poor Molly! It's just not fair, is it?

We came home once to find that our dog had pulled an entire box of crayons off the shelf and chewed them all up. Some were scattered all over the floor, in little bitty pieces, and some were not seen till later.


Cute. One dog is enough for me but in times gone by I have had more than one and I can relate. Ours even chewed the giprock!


Be careful Molly... next thing you know that puppy will be trying to blame YOU for those damages.

Cathy, Amy and Kristina

My Molly would be saying the same thing if we brought another doggy into her life.

Of course, during HER puppyhood, she wasn't exactly well-behaved herself. Let's just say I had some furniture that reflected Molly's fondness for gnawing.


aww what a cutie! But that table leg--ouch!! What a kissable face :)


Oh yes, I know all about the damage a puppy can cause. And a full grown dog. Sigh. But they are worth it!

Heart of Rachel

Oh, sorry to hear that Molly. In this world, the older ones are expected to be more patient and understanding to the young ones. But I understand your frustrations. Sometimes it doesn't seem fair but I'm sure that deep inside of you that puppy is beginning to grow on you. :)

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