Thursday, January 24, 2008

Getting Back to the Purpose

Recently, many of my blogging friends have told me they are considering doing paid posts and want my advice about how to advertise on blogs. Smorty continues to be one of my favorite companies to work with for doing paid posts. Smorty has always paid me quickly and without fail. However, my favorite thing about Smorty is once you accept an opportunity, you have three days to complete your post. So, you are not rushing just to write a post for the sake of getting paid. With those three days, you have time to think about and create a post which will not take away from the quality of your blog. That has become very important to me. You may have noticed that I have backed off doing so many paid posts for another company, and that is because I realized that I was taking away from the quality of my blog, because I was rushing to get the post done before a very short deadline, and I was not having the opportunity to make it an interesting post. When I realized this, I decided to change my approach. I started this blog to write, to be creative, and to hopefully have people want to read what I have to say. Therefore, I was very upset with myself when I realized that I had gone astray from that purpose. Yes, I still do paid posts and love doing them. I'm just making sure that I have the opportunity to make those posts creative and interesting. Since Smorty gives me three days to create such a post, they remain as one of my favorite companies.


Mom Knows Everything

I fell asleep when I laid down with Aidan last night. Sorry! I have to get ready to take Aurora to confirmation class, but I'll be online tonight. Gossip, I mean talk to you later. Tammy


(LOL) Molly, you did a good job of collecting evidence on that puppy. Don't worry though you're only a puppy once, and I bit she really looks up to her big sister. So hang in there. Oh , and tell your Mom I said hello~ Smile


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