Saturday, January 12, 2008

Help - I've Fallen...


I feel like such a dork (that was for you, Tam)! I went for a walk - I was on the quest to find the BIG BIRD which almost decapitated me yesterday. It's wet and muddy and messy and yucky here, but that was NOT going to stop me! Oh no - I must.find.that.bird!!

So, I come to the first ditch in the field. Now, there is water running through it and the banks of the ditch are muddy. Who cares? I played three sports year round when I was in school (hey - that was only fourteen years - *gasp* was it that long - ago?)...

Like a deer, I jumped the ditch. It was beautiful - I would have scored at least an 8.5 with the wind blowing through my hair... and... well, my landing - well, it wouldn't have scored as well. I landed - my whole body landed... you see I came down beautifully - until my feet slipped in the mud and I went face down. UGH was the sound I made (only because the wind was knocked out of me, so I couldn't voice all the curses that came to mind). I got up - looked around to make sure that no one just happened to be standing out in my field to see me fall on my face - checked my beloved camera - and continued on my walk.

I then came to the next ditch. Oh no, fool me once... yeah, yeah, you know the saying. I did not jump this ditch. I was just going to go ahead and step in the mud and cross the ditch. Suuuuuuuure. First step... foot goes sliding on the slippery-snot-like mud and goes flying out in front of me while I scream "Ohhhhh...." ummmm "no" Yeah, that's what I said "Oh no" Hey! you weren't there - that's what I said - really! I landed flat on my freaking back - in the mud... and... oh yes...

I watch as THE bird... that *&%^*&* bird goes flying over me (I swear he was looking down at me and laughing - seriously he did this sound as he flew over! That bas^$d was laughing at me! I could just hear him "Who wishes they had their camera ready now??? cawwwww cawwww"

Stupid bird! Stupid mud! Who needs awesome photos anyway? ( I do - and I'll be back out there soon - addiction... it's a bear!)

So, I came... slowly... home. Hubs looks at me and asks "Honey! Did you fall?"
"No Darling, I decided it was a great time for a mud bath - YES I fell... TWICE" I was touched at the concern in his voice... that was... until he asked...
"Oh no! Did you hurt..." (Right now I can hear you saying 'awwwww, he's concerned about her')... the complete statement was

"Oh no! Did you hurt the camera?"
Me muttering under my breath - "Yes, I broke it to pieces - just gonna have to go buy that Canon now" ;-) UGH!



Misty, I'm sorry about that fall, you know I took one not long ago, and it's embarassing and it hurt like heck! Glad you're okay, sorry you missed the bird thing.

I've already technorati'd ya, I'm going back home to update. xoxoxo

Mom Knows Everything

I'm on a mission now! I'm going to catch that bird for you and hold it down while you take a picture of it or whatever you want to do to it. {hehe evil laugh} Love ya even though you are a dorky almond!


moron...dork...cashew...almond! My God you and Tammy are funny! I am glad you guys have found such a great friendship. You to make me laugh...

Sorry to hear about that bird LOL better luck next time and your experience was so well explained I laughed so hard...not that you fell but at the way you wrote your post that my hubby had to come in to see what was going on with me...

enjoy the rest of your weekend and I'll be back soon


Well, it would be a good excuse for a new camera, right?

You know, if you hadn't told us, we never would have known you're such a Klutz.

I'm glad you're OK, and congrats on the new domain! I blogged you.

Nikki Neurotic

Ouch! I'm going to step out on a limb here and guess that that picture just wasn't meant to be. Glad you are okay!

Arkie Mama

Oh no! I'm betting you WILL get that shot at some point though.

The Gal Herself

It's a very funny story but I gotta know -- who were you more upset with, man or bird?


Oh no! I'm so glad you didn't damage yourself in any way. You've just reminded me of an embarrassing fall I had about 20 years ago - and given me an idea for a blog post.

Heart of Rachel

Hi Misty. I'm sorry about your fall. Hope the aches are gone now.

Funny how you wrote about that bird and how he seemed to be taunting you from above. :)

Congratulations on your new domain. I will update my sidebar right away. I have added you to my Technorati Faves.

Take care.


Oh no,hope you didn't hurt yourself too bad. Don't they say that mud is good for the complexion though? :)

i beati

get that bird !11


Oh, Misty Dawn, I am so sorry about your falls! I'm assuming you are, in fact, ok? Is it ok if I giggled a little bit at the visual you created with your words?

I am rooting for you over that BIG BIRD. I know you'll capture him with your camera. And I can't wait to see it!

david mcmahon

Underneath the mud and bruises is one classy, determined individual. Bless you for that indomitable spirit.

Mimi Lenox

Sorry about the bird pic, Misty Dawn. I hope you're not seriously hurt later! Take a long hot bath.

Travis Cody

I'm sorry you fell twice and didn't get the bird pick, but I'm glad you blogged about it because it made me giggle!

Glad you didn't get hurt or break the camera.

Send the cats after the evil bird!


I have to 2nd travis' comment. I chuckled when I read it too. However, too bad you didn't break that camera huh? You could've went and got that Canon. I just saw a Canon in the store the other day that I was admiring. Great post!

Crazed Nitwit

It was the damn birds fault! You should have fried it up for dinner.



It could've been worse. Some asshat could've taped it and plastered it all over You Tube.

BTW here via authorblog.

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