Sunday, January 27, 2008

I Need a Maid

Thank you to everyone who commented on the purple sky. That was the first sunset photo I ever took here in this state. I took it when we were visiting on vacation a few years ago. Several people still say that it is one of their favorite photos of mine, and it remains as one of the favorites on Flickr too,.

Today, is a day for catching up on the housework I've been avoiding. So far, I've done two loads of laundry, with many more to do. I've also swept the floors with a broom, because we have hardwood floors, so I can't use any vacuum cleaners on them. With the remodeling and trudging in here in work boots all the time, it is difficult to keep these floors clean, and I'm getting frustrated. I can't wait until I hit the lottery so I can get a main. Yeah, yeah, I know - probably not going to happen. Oh well, it's a nice daydream.

However, I'm excited because the temperature is almost up into the 50s today! So, when the work is done, you can bet that I am going for a walk to enjoy this weather while we have it! Here's hoping I find that bird!!!


Heart of Rachel

I've been busy last weekend and wasn't able to do much cleaning but will make it an opportunity to do some de-cluttering this week.

BTW, I tagged you:
Spreading Some Love meme. Hope you can do it when you time to spare. Take care.

Mom Knows Everything

When you're done with your laundry and cleaning come on over here and help me with mine. I have carpet so bring your vacuum. hehehe!


nice header picture! i love it!


I've given you an award.


My vacumm cleaning is broken...luckily I don't have much carpet that needs to be vacuumed. All hardwood floors that I can't seem to keep clean. A maid sure would help out around here...great post and that purple sky is amazing!

You might have these already but I have 2 awards on my blog (rantings) for you!

enjoy you monday Misty


I intend to get a maid as soon as I get either a substantial raise or higher-paying job. I'm not waiting for the lottery because I want it so bad. Lazy? Maybe, but cleaning puts me in a really bad mood, & nobody wants that! ;)


Talk about house chores, I'm not even halfway from my past weekend to-do list. LOL. :)


I vacuum my wooden floors, why can't you do yours, is it something to do with your cleaner?

Hope you enjoyed your walk. :0


Sigh, I could so use a maid myself.

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