Thursday, January 3, 2008

Normalcy Will Come

Won't it???

I expected everything to 'be back to normal' by now, but it's far from it.

I pictured today being my day to catch up on all my friends' blog posts which I missed while I was away. However, that catching up is going to have to wait yet another day. I was called in to work at the insurance company again today... I'm not saying that's a bad thing (my husband just purchased hay equipment, so, according to my checkbook - any money is a good thing), I'm just saying that I keep having these delusions of getting back into the routine (Misty thrives on routine). Yet, it just isn't happening yet. Plus, I haven't had the chance to really talk with my BBFF, and that is really making me down in the dumps.

So, tomorrow... yes, tomorrow, I'm planning on a day of blog-catching-up... I hope... keeping fingers crossed. Then, tomorrow we have to go to one more Christmas get together in the evening (Yes, I know, we schedule things awfully weird). After that, I'm hoping things will be back to the routine (ahhh, my precious routine).

I haven't even had a chance to catch y'all up on everything! Geesh!

I'll leave you with this wisdom which was shared with me by an elderly gentlemen I met at the post office yesterday... He told me...
"Some of the really old farmers around here say that the first six days of the year will tell you what the first six months' weather will be like."
I found this rather interesting, and I look forward, come June, to looking back and seeing is this statement holds true.
So far, according to our weather here... we are going to have one freaking cold January and February, a little colder-than-normal March... and, if we get the weather in the forecast, we'll end up with a decent April and a much warmer than usual May and June (I like the sounds of the May and June!).
Now, six months from now, I'll have to come back and see if this is true... but, right now, I've got to go to work!



Just take it one step at a time. We will all be here whenever you get back in the swing.

I'm not liking the weather prediction. We are looking at three storms back to back through Sunday. Ugly stuff. Yikes.

Have a great day. :)

The Gal Herself

Welcome back to the blogosphere! I missed you and can see I have a lot to catch up with. I fear that our weather will never be "normal" again because of all the environmental changes, so I believe those farmers as much as I do any other prognostication.


You're not alone. "Normal" hasn't been normal for so long, I'm not even sure what I'm shooting for anymore. I'm here, though! :)

Mom Knows Everything

Take your time, everything will eventually get so normal it'll be boring. Well we can hope can't we. Remember I'm always here for you. Love ya!!!

david mcmahon

Hi Misty,

You just take it easy, do the important things, and your loyal fans will always be here.

I've been out of circulation for three weeks because I was travelling and then I got really ill just before flying home for Christmas.

Take care and don't forget to test out the weather theory!




Happy working! Hope you can keep the money rolling in. :)


It's been friggin' cold the past 6 days! I left Ohio to get away from this kind of weather! I. need. heat....

(I'm glad you're back at it too!...)


Normalcy? What is this normalcy you speak of??

Good luck and when you find it, please let me know as I'd like to find some myself!

I'd also be interested in seeing if that farmer is right because if he is, we're in for a really good February and March ourselves - brrr!!!

Smalltown RN

Oh Misty...I love that photo...but it looks so darn cold...yuck.....and as far as routine goes...I hear you...I am a creature of routine I know from where you take care...and I am sure we will all catch up with you soon....cheers...from the much warmer North!!! tee hee...


Hi Misty, i see how busy you are at the moment. It's oke. Take your time and visit me again after you manage everything he he he... dag..


You'll get round to everything eventually - take your time! :)


That is my goal for today. To catch up on blogging.

Hang in there it will happen.


I sure hope those predictions don't hold up...
Welcome back.


Nice sky watch picture. Love the color.


I'm here for life. I'm a Misty Lifer! So no worries.... I haven't exactly been blogging so much myself. The older I get the clearer it is to me that life shouldn't be routine. God didn't want us to be routine. You're doing exactly what He wants you to do--even if you don't see it now! xoxo


ah...this is why you left a dozen comments on my site

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