Tuesday, January 15, 2008


What??? Something wrong with my title? Oh yeah - that brings me to the point of this post.

I was working today at one of my various jobs - the one as a virtual assistant. Anyway, I am so very grateful that I make it a habit to proofread EVERYTHING I type for work... even if it is just a simple letter.

You see, today, I typed just that... a simple letter. This letter was talking about a man who filed bankruptcy (remember, I am the virtual assistant for a lawyer). I typed the letter, began to proofread, and then proceeded to fall on the floor in absolute hysterics due to my typo. The letter, as I typed it, went something like this...

Dear Client: I attended a meeting of creditors today to attempt to get some money that is owed to you by Mr. X, who is filing bankruptcy. During this hearing, we discovered that he had previously sold his hoe for $150,000.00. However, his net proceeds were only $50,000.00, and he repaid $45,000.00 to his father.

Well, it was good for a laugh anyway, and, yes, I corrected my typo before I sent it to my boss (actually, my boss would have laughed his you-know-what off about it - I'll have to call him tomorrow and tell him about it).





That's a lot of money for a hoe... Bwahahahahah. Good one. :)

Jillie Bean (AKA Bubba's Sis)

Ha ha! At least you got the "e" on there! He could have sold his HO!


Hysterical, Misty! Lucky you're a good pwoofweeder!

Nikki Neurotic

Shoot...kind of makes me reconsider my career option. ;)


I bet that was one of those really rare golden hoes. Pure gold. Yeah, that's it.


OH!...and here I thought you were talking about full-proof weed! My bad....

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