Monday, January 21, 2008

Rough Day

This is one of those days when I feel like I need to just go back to bed. Many unexpected things occurred today, and I feel like my head is spinning. It started in the morning with my step-daughter telling me that her car was hit by some people moving into the house next door. She wasn't in the car and didn't see it happen. Luckily, another neighbor saw it happen and was able to tell her about it so she could contact the police and the insurance company. Things just escalated from there. It seemed like every time I turned around, I was getting informed about something else that stressed me out more! It is now to the point where I don't even want to hear my phone ring! If I had a watch, I'm sure it would report to me that it was time for bed. I could just go to sleep and wake up tomorrow and hopefully tomorrow will be better. Oh, and maybe I'd get to sleep through this Winter weather advisory that we are under now. This weather is getting ridiculous!


The Gal Herself

Ouch! Any day that starts with a car accident is a day you should spend under the covers. I think you're wise in considering the impact this weather has on your outlook. Today it got up to 20ยบ and it felt like spring. It made all the difference to my mood to be able to enjoy walking outside (instead of darting from doorway to doorway).

Oh well, today is almost done. Breathe deeply and let's hope tomorrow is better!


Could be worse.... just about 10 miles or so north of us they received 54 inches of snow in 2 days! lol yes we get it like that here too, but it just happened to line up north of us. One city even had the DPW builing collapse from all the snow with snow equipment inside! LOL No one was hurt so it's ok to laugh.

I really hate when the day starts out on a bad note. Even on days like that good stuff can be irritating.
Here's to a better tomorrow!!

Mom Knows Everything

I'm so sorry that you're having a rough day. I'm going online in about half an hour. HUGS Tammy!!!


Oooh sorry about that, girl!

btw, you have far more critters hanging around than I care to deal with--a bobcat? I'm not sure if it's more fierce than a lizard tail, but it's bad. Very bad. xoxoxo

The Egel Nest

File that day under "do-over!"

Tomorrow will be better...that is what i always say...sometimes it is even true...we are also under a winter storm watch...



The Egel Nest

Nikki Neurotic

Oh man, and those neighbors didn't even bother informing you guys of the "accident" when it happened?

Sandy Kessler

did you have my day What is it about these full moons?


I hear ya, Misty! I hate days like that and they seem to be happening more frequently around her.

Hopefully today wil be better!

Bradley's Mom

Sorry you had such a bad day!

Hope the rest of this week is much better for you!

Lots of love your way!


Rachel (Crazy-Is)

Hope your day got better!! So, did you guys get any winter weather? We were under an advisory too, but only ended up with rain.

Cathy, Amy and Kristina

Hope it got better. An accident is a horrible start -- don't blame you for feeling stressed.


Thanks for visiting my TT post, Misty! Glad you liked it. Okay, Okay I'll buy my husband a Girard Perregaux better get a commission!! :)

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