Friday, January 4, 2008

Sky Watch Friday #3



The sun seems to be breaking through - the end of the storm?


Another beautiful picture!

I, too, am glad you found my blog so we could forge a friendship! I hope 2008 finds old dreams and new dreams realized for you!


For an ice storm picture, it looks so warm :)


So pretty! I love the golden color.

I love Sky Watch Friday because I get to see so many gorgeous photos.

FO - 2



Couldn't tell if it's a sunset or sunrise but either way - it's a beautiful shot.


Beautiful! The photo on your previous post is amazing too!


My eyes were drawn to the vegetation in your ice storm photo. The sun seems to be a spotlight on it.

Mom Knows Everything

Misty!!! I got my Christmas present today!!!! I love it and the card is so sweet! It made me cry. I miss talking to you so much. I hope we can sit down and chat soon. I love ya Dork! BBFF!!!!


A sunny and cold day I guess, good skywatch.

Bradley's Mom

Hi Misty:

That is a BEAUTIFUL shot!

I hope you are getting the chance to catch up on blogging today, just as you wanted!

I love going all around the blogs, also. It's fun, relaxing, and educational, all put together!!

Love ya!


Brrrrrrrr. Beautiful, but cold. Have a great day. :)

Emma the Golden Girl

I just found your blog through the Blogger's Choice Nominations. It's beautiful. I enjoyed my visit here.


Very pretty picture! I agree that it looks cold.


As if I need something to make me feel even colder! Beautiful picture, though!


Fantastic photography. I like everything about it from the subject, to the golden light!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

I like the 40D very much and while it is certainly superior to the 30D in specifications, I am not sure there is a great difference in actual picture quality. Either one is an excellent choice.

I have never used a MKII, but it is likely an excellent choice.

Because of the cost of my addiction to video equipment I have stuck to buying middle of the line DSLRs.

Heart of Rachel

It's a breathtaking horizon.

david mcmahon

Wow - that is such a beautiful shot.


I am feeling the same way about things getting back to normal, I think I might have to take some more time off from the computer because I can't seem to manage the blog hopping and house cleaning hoping, nothing is getting done around here.

It's great to be back in touch with all my blogging friends. It was funny how much I missed hearing from everyone over the holidays and I tried explaining to my family about all the great friendships I've made and they just didn't seem to understand. I guess maybe you have to meet some really great people to understand this kind of friendship.

I hope things get back to normal for you again soon and that's my plan for the weekend. Monday will be my start to a somewhat normal life with four kids LOL

take care Misty


Another fantastic sky shot!


Great shot Misty! You're fortunate. We NEVER seem to get the great skies like you seem to get.
Keep it up!

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