Thursday, January 24, 2008

Sky Watch Friday #6

(c) Misty DawnS

I find myself really looking forward to Fridays now, because I have come to absolutely love Sky Watch Friday. The photographers who participate in Sky Watch Friday are absolutely awesome and have amazing talent. Each photo is unique; each photo is gorgeous. My Fridays are now filled with "ooooh"s and "ahhhhh"s and "Wow"s. Yep, I'm loving Fridays, because of Sky Watch Friday! It just dawned on me that I haven't been posting a link with my Sky Watch posts! I don't know what the heck is wrong with me! If you would like to join Sky Watch Friday (trust me - you really do want to), click right here and join in on the beauty!


Cathy, Amy and Kristina

So beautiful!


Nice sky. I think i will join this meme also :D But not today, next week. Challenging photography meme ;)


Wow! Another beautiful shot!

FO - 2

Nice! :)


There's heaven, and no doubt about it!


nice post - looks like the sun's exploding into life.


Beautiful sky picture!


I catch myself gazing at the sky more often to see what I can see in the clouds and in the sky in general. I am glad Dot thought of Sky Watch Friday. Beautiful picture.


Very cinematic!




Beautiful shots, and thanks for the link to Friday sky watch! Such great pics.


One word should do it: Atmosphere.


FIRST i want to say that I LOVE your dog what a sweetY!!!!

This is a very nice way to look at the sky ,I like looking at your blog, watch my sky...

Have a good "skyday" today:)
JoAnn from Holland

(my dog is a bernese mountain dof big ut sweet too!)

Lilli & Nevada

very nice sky watch


Misty, ooohhh! aaahhh! Wow! Beautiful sky! Thanks you for visiting me!

Nikki Neurotic

I really have to find the battery charger for my camera...I think I would enjoy this.


So amazing!

Have a real nice weekend!


This is beautiful. You take great pictures.

I spend my Fridays ooohing and aaahing and wowing too. Thanks for finally sharing that Sky Watch Friday link. I started looking for it when you started doing it. One of my other friends sent me the link.

My Sky Watch is late today because, after I went for my walk, came home and shot the moon, I had a furry thing crawl into my lap, and she wasn't ready to go anywhere. So I just sat back and read my book. :)


You take some absolutely gorgeous pictures of the sky! You need to compile them into a book!


what a beautiful sky!! Have a wonderful weekend, Misty.


Yep, and you do a mighty fine job too. I have always enjoyed your photography. Have a great day. :)

You've been tagged too...

Big Bang - World Record

Dallas Meow

now THAT, is an awesome color sky -


Your photo is fantastic.
You are right - everyone has such beautiful sky photos. After a while there are just no different words to use to describe them. :-)


So very pretty.


Oh wow! That is absolutely gorgeous. I love sky shots like this one - they remind me of old paintings by artists like William Blake. Stunning!

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