Thursday, January 31, 2008

Sky Watch Friday #7

(c) Misty DawnS

I truly love participating in Sky Watch Friday every week. I look forward to it, and I love seeing everyone's sky photos! You can click on the Sky Watch image at the top of this post to learn more about it and join in on the fun!

On another note - In between my absolutely crazy, hectic, and frustrating events today, I went out to get the mail. We got the January/February edition of a local magazine that is sent out for free if you are a member of a certain group. Right on the front cover was a photo of a barbed wire fence with ice hanging on it from the ice storm, which I'm sure you all got very tired of hearing about and seeing the photos. I came in the house, dropped the magazine in front of my ill husband and said "I could have done that!" as I pointed to the photo on the cover. Hubs looked at it for a minute and then replied "You DID do that. And, you did it BETTER!" So, with that confidence booster, I went and e-mailed the publishers and asked if they accept photography submissions from residents of the state (especially since I am an employee of their 'group' fulfilling a different purpose). Hey, it doesn't hurt to ask, I guess. As you've probably guessed, I haven't heard back from them. LOL


Lilli & Nevada

You go girl! And that photo is really pretty and is a front cover photo.
Let us know tho if you hear from them.

Coy Hill

A beautiful sunset nicely framed. Excellent work!

Thanks so much for your nice comments on Country Captures, I appreciate each and every one!

Cathy, Amy and Kristina



It is beautiful, Misty.

My first Sky Watch Friday

Silly Goose

Good uck getting your photos published! They really are good. ;-)

FO - 2

LOVELY!!! :)))


Great colours!

Heart of Rachel

That's a beautiful shot. Hope your great photos will be given a chance to be recognized in your local magazine.


I like your husbands comment. You did it!


What a great way of framing the shot.. and of course as a view its very beautiful.

You find other places to submit your pictures to. Maybe that magazine is not good enough for yours.


Thats one great sky watch photo.


That's great. I hope the mag. accepts your work!


Beautiful photo! Amazing really!

HildeS/Fr√łken Fryd

Beautiful photo,
and I like the warm colours of the sky.
Good shot.


This is a great photo, so expressive. I wish you good luck with the magazine!

I never get tired of looking at photos of natural occurances, sky, snow, ice, seasons, flowers......

Keep up the good work.

Kerri Farley

Beautiful shot! Hope you get a response and they want to use your shots!!!


The sun made its touchdown between those goal post, er, trees! Can you tell I am feeling football fever?


WOW and congratulations on the photography with the magazine. How NEAT.

Great picture here as well on your Sky Watch

Hope your Hubby is feeling better


A framed sun - a beautiful picture!!


I hope the magazine thing works out. That would be so great - for you, and for them.

Kahshe Cottager

I would have chosen this for a cover photo! It is beautiful!




lovely shot, the way the wire and clouds line up just makes it!


beautiful sunset or it's is sun rise? guess you can see it both ways.


Absolutely stunning!


great shot - real warm...


Hi there! I found your blog via the Sky Watch Friday blog and your name stuck out because my name is Misti Dawn, so I was wondering if the Dawn part was really your middle name. I've yet to come across another Misti Dawn, plenty of other Misty's and Misti's though.

Misty DawnS

Hi Misti - It seems I can't click on your name to find your blog or send you a reply.
Yes, my true name is Misty Dawn (just like the morning, that's what I always tell everyone). It's very nice to meet you!


Another very nice picture! Hey I don't blame you for writing to the publishers of the magazine. I think its awesome! I recently entered a couple photos in a contest for the annual weather guide that get's published around here. But... I didn't get picked. I don't have a Digital SLR either...I'm saving my money though! Have a great one and I hope hubs feels better soon!


Keep a hold of that guy! What a lovely photo. I love the contrasts of color, light and shape. Wonderful. My Skywatch is here. Thank you.


Beautiful night photo!

PS Don't give up on that publication -- they will probably one day ask you to submit something. Of course, they may not pay you but it would be wonderful to be published anyway. Good luck!

I'm running late with visiting everyone -- hope you will still drop by. . .


I really like this! :D


Nice one! Keep at them, it's worth a shot! :)


That is a superb sky watch photo. Stunning colors!


Beautiful sky pic - I never tire of looking at sunrise/sunset pics.

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