Saturday, January 12, 2008

Slow Down

I need time to slooooooooooow down! I'm running behind again... way, way, way behind on reading and commenting on blogs (G, I wonder if it is because I am subscribed to over 80 blogs... I mean it takes half a day to read them all... I know, I know, I'm an addict).

But, but, but - Did you see that I got my own domain name? Yup - for both blogs :-) That was what kept me from blogging yesterday. Tammy and I got our own domain names for our blogs and got them all set up. How cool is that?

So, that was one of the goals for my blogs I had set for 2008 - to get my own domain names. I get to cross something off the list - wooohooo! I love crossing things off my list! I also have a goal to make this blog three-columns... but that's scary as *&^%! I'm SO afraid I will really mess everything up! So, for now, I'll keep procrastinating on that goal.

As far as the depression-monster - I'm beating it - oh yea, I am! My chat with Tammy yesterday did wonders for me (She's the best cashew I've ever met! Eh, don't ask!) And, I even got to talk to LMQ for a little bit - which was absolutely wonderful, because I hardly ever get to talk to her anymore, and I really miss her.

So, I've got a LOT of catching up to do... blogs to read, comments to make, awards to post and hand out, memes to fulfill. But, first...

I have to go on a walk and try to find the hawk that almost decapitated me yesterday. Yup, I was walking along, with the camera turned on so I wouldn't miss a good photo opportunity. What I wasn't expecting was a giant hawk to come flying out of some brush I was walking by and about take my head off! I just exclaimed "&%^*" and didn't even get a photo! So - I'm off to find that bird!



Great on the domain names, I plan to do that this year myself.

Voting is open for my poetry contest entry if you are interested:

Nikki Neurotic

congrats on the domain name.


Way cool that you got your own domain name and I, for one, am very glad that you weren't hurt when you fell while hunting for the hawk you mentioned here!


I know the depression monster very well. I cope with it by being determined it's not going to win. Easier said than done sometimes, I know. One of the best weapons against it is to keep the lines of communication open between you and family/friends - the depression monster doesn't like that!

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