Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sneaky Guy

The other day, I was talking to my step-daughter on the instant messenger. We talk ALL the time, usually off and on throughout the entire day. We had been chatting for quite a while, and she told me she needed to start some dinner. However, within just a couple minutes, she sent me another message that asked me if I remembered when she told me what she was getting her boyfriend for his birthday. I sat there rather dumbfounded and started searching my memory - was it something for his computer? tickets for a concert or game? Adidas golf equipment? I had no idea, and replied that I couldn't remember. The next response I received was "Darn it!" Now, I was really confused. Within a few minutes, I received a message from my step-daughter informing me that the messages I had previously received were from her boyfriend and he was trying to find out what his birthday gift was going to be! Little rotten... sneaky... well, I outta! However, I can't be too hard on him, because he's going to design a logo for me to use as a watermark on my photos. He's lucky he treats my step-daughter so good. Otherwise, he'd be in serious trouble. hehe.


Mom Knows Everything

OMG!!! That is too funny! What were we saying about men last night....exactly. hehehe!


Now that is sneaky. Can't blame him for trying though. :)


I've had this happen with my friends daughter on the telephone texting....sneaky!

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