Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

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Well, it can't be completely wordless when my beauty is posing for the camera! My Molly is my heart and soul. She is the oldest of the three, and the puppy immediately bonded with her. Everywhere Molly goes, the puppy is sure to follow. If you sit back and watch, especially when Maggie was younger, she would always be looking to Molly to learn from and follower her actions. The really ironic thing is the puppy's facial and head markings are so similar to Molly that everyone assumes that Maggie is Molly's pup. Nope - all three of my dogs are rescues.



Molly is a beauty too. Rescue dogs are the best. They are greatful for a home. I know, we have a rescue dog. What a great WW Misty. Have a great day. :)


They are? Love that--our Basset was a rescue doggie too. Molly exudes gentle and sweet and loving. I can tell, Mist. I can't wait for the day I pull up at the ponderosa to meet ya and Molly comes bounding out to see who's there! We're going to meet this summer, girl, if it kills me! Okay, not if it kills me, but you know what I mean. You got a diner around them thar parts? I'll bring Gi, too. xo


such a beautiful dog you have here..It great that you've rescues this dog.Im sure if she was so thankful for what you've done..;) .great shot.Happy WW!
mine's here

The Gal Herself

And what a perfectly beautiful rescue she is! I love how she and Maggie are best buds. Border collies like to be active, don't they? It's more fun to cavort with a bud, isn't it?

Jillie Bean (AKA Bubba's Sis)

She is beautiful, Misty! You and I share a love of dogs. You're one-up on me, tho - I only have two. And a kitty that adopted us, but she lives outside because the doggies won't let her come in. She's nice and all, but I love my doggie-babies!!!


She's beautiful, as are all your dogs.


What a great pic of you pooch. And that they are rescue dogs are even better. That is SO the way to go :)I added you to my fav in Technorati as well.


Molly is beautiful, Misty! How sympathetic and generous you are to save these dogs.

Nikki Neurotic

Aww, so beautiful...dogs are such a gift aren't they?

Who knows, maybe your two dogs have family lineage.

Queen of Arbitrary Randomness

She's beautiful!

Thank you for the kudos on the songwriting!

Mommy Lutchi

you have a lovely dog, thanks for sharing.

Mine is up at 4Seasonsofmylife. Hope you can visit me too. Have a great WW.


Lovely dog!


Molly is a lovely dog and obviously a 'natural' mom to Maggie.

Happy WW


She's definitely a beauty!


She's beautiful. We have a rescue dog too. He's been in our loving home for far longer than he was mistreated, but he still has issues. Makes me wonder what he went through his 1st year of life. I don't understand how people can abuse. Anything or anybody.

ellen b.

Molly looks like a sweetheart! Happy Ww to you. thanks for stopping by..


Adorable dog! I'm adding you to my blogroll. Thanks, Misty! :)


Hi Misty -- First time here. I like your Molly, she is precious!
Happy WW!
If you like dogs, go to either of my sites and do the top left hand 'search blog' for 'Adi' who is my beagle. Not on WW this time, but she has made it before.
I have a blogging friend in Arkansas, Jamie Dawn. I wonder if you are related.


All Molly's seem to exude the same mischievous and exuberant look don't they. It's funny. My fiance has a little black long hair terrier poodle mix by the name of Molly, that lives with us and is my Chocolate Lab's "older" girlfriend. At times we call them Demi and Ashton. They love each other and Molly is very domineering and is the matriarch. She will frequently put her front paws on top of Damien's head to try and be the dominant dog. Damien usually acts goofy. And they make all these funny noises when they play together.
Anyways thought you'd like to know. We have a Molly as well :-)

Mimi Lenox

What a lovely shot of her. All peaceful and happy.....


Molly looks very happy here. Your fur babies are soooo lucky to have such a loving human mom!

I'm a bit late on the WW, but I have a fur baby up on mine today too... only she's not very happy :O

i beati

how dogs sustain us miraculous blessing !!!

Heart of Rachel

Molly is a lovely dog and I'm sure she is just as affectionate.


Cute :D have three dogs ;)

Cathy, Amy and Kristina

Your Molly is gorgeous! Very regal.

Susan Demeter

She is gorgeous! Happy belated WW :)


Misty! Thank you so much for the award. I believe that we both have created blogs that create happiness for our readers. I am so glad to be a part of your blog community and I enjoy coming by.

I will be back by more often.

Again, thanks for the award.



Hi Misty! Thanks so much for the award. It's funny, when I checked my blog post comments today Carrie gave me the same award too. I think she got it from you too! :)
Have a beautiful Friday! :)

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