Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

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That face! She just makes you want to throw that ball for her, doesn't she? She knows that she melts my heart, and she uses it to her advantage. If I'm not paying attention or doing exactly what Molly thinks I should be doing, she will come sit in front of me, put her paw on my leg or arm, and just stare at me with those beautiful chocolate eyes. If I ask her if she loves Mommy, that always gets me a kiss. I never taught her that trick - it's just something she has always done - I ask "You love Mommy?", and she has always responded by giving me a kiss. She completely owns my heart!



What a sweet dog!

Come visit my WW post if you get a minute! :)

Mom Knows Everything

She is such a beautiful dog even if she is spoiled by her mommy. hehehe!


I so understand this. I really, really do. I have my own dog that basically does the same. Not the kiss, but everything else. I just love her to pieces too. Have a great WW. :)


How can you NOT fall in love with a face like that looking at you???


what a beautiful dog!


Adorable face on your doggy. I should post my dog sometime. Thanks for visiting my WW post. To answer your question, I have a Canon XTI which I just love. It's the lower end of Canon's digital slr cameras but it does more than enough for me. The pictures on my post were shot with an older model, the Canon Digital Rebel. :)


She is beautiful!


I love my dogs. I have loved all my dogs. Beginning this year I had seven. Now I am down to five. But seriously, your dogs faces make me so very happy. They are simply adorable.

Heart of Rachel

Molly sounds like a wonderful and very affectionate pal.

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