Saturday, February 9, 2008

The Book Meme

I am seriously behind on doing the memes I have been tagged for... seriously. In fact, I am so behind (I started being a slacker when we went away for the holidays) that I actually do not remember all the memes I have been tagged for. So, from this date forward, I will attempt to complete a meme the same day I was tagged for it. That way, I won't get so behind again. I do still have some starred messages in my gmail, which means that I was either tagged or received an award (oh man, I'm way behind on those too!) - so, I will still go through the e-mails (I'm way behind on my e-mail) and complete those memes. I'll get started after I get everything entered in my program for the taxes (ohhhhhhh - I'm SO behind).

I have been tagged by Anna @ Beth & Cory's Mom for the Book Meme. If you know me, you know that I love and am addicted to books.

Here are the rules:

  • Pick up the nearest book of 123 pages or more. (No cheating!)
  • Find Page 123.
  • Find the first 5 sentences.
  • Post the next 3 sentences.
  • Tag 5 people.

The book is At Risk by Patricia Cornwell. NO - I haven't read it - it's been sitting on my end table, because I fully intended to start reading it... then I got really behind on other things and couldn't be reading for enjoyment (I put myself on a guilt trip - go figure). Anyway, on page 123:

FORENSIC SCIENTIST RACHEL -- or "Rake", as Win calls her -- places the letter on top of a porous metal platen called a vacuum bed. She hits a switch and begins vacuuming down the box.
He has watched her work the electrostatic imaging system before, and sometimes they've been lucky, most recently in a kidnapping case, the ransom note written on a sheet of paper that obviously had been under one the kidnapper had used earlier to jot down a phone number that led the police to a Papa John's Pizza where he had placed a take-out order and paid for it with a credit card.
OK, I obviously have no right to tag anyone since I have been such a lousy taggee lately. So, if you haven't done this meme, and you love books too - Then take five minutes out of your day and tell us - What's on page 123 of your books?

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This sounds like a good one. I really need to add more to my Cornwell collection :)


I'm sure I've forgotten more than a few memes lately. I'm terrible for slacking, so don't worry, you're not the only one.

Mo and The Purries

At Risk was one of my LEAST favorite Patricia Cornwell novels. Interested in seeing your take on it.

Thanks for featuring my Entrecard on your blog today!

Okay - so playing along with your page 123 meme, first five sentences: the book is "The Secret Life of Bees" by Sue Monk Kidd
And that would be that. Not knowing at all was better. I struggled to my feet. "I guess I'll go help in the kitchen." I crossed the yard without a glance back.


I am at least as far behind as you are. The hardest part for me is that I think I have to go back to the beginning and catch up. That is just too overwhelming.

That 3rd sentence was one of the longest sentences ever!


Misty, I'll try to get around to this meme but I'm going crazy too! But thanks for participating in my 6-word memoirs contest.I will post them all on February 14 and declare a winner on that day. :)


This meme was actually the very first meme that I was ever tagged with when I first started blogging. Since then I've been tagged with a ton of them and couldn't tell you what the second one I did was for love or money! Even though both love and money would come in handy right about now!

The Gal Herself

What a fun idea!

First five sentences of page 123 of "An Unfinished Canvas" by Michael Glasglow & Phyllis Gobbell -- "On the other hand, Michael Barnett, the architect on the Blackberry Road house, had nothing but praise for her, saying she was one of the most creative clients he ever worked with.

"'She sounds like a lot of women I know,' Pridemore said. "She had her moods."

"Pridemore muses over the word 'difficult.' 'Seems like everyone who knew her, loved her, but she definitely had an artist's temperament.'"

Mom Knows Everything

Me did it, me did it, me did it! I know, I'm weird, but ya love me anyway. LOL

Kelly Ann

I've done this one before, it's fun, I just may do it again. :)


Gee, Misty, thanks for your really kind words at my blog:Answers to the Questions :)

Mimi Lenox

Misty - This was the very first meme I did as well waaayyy back in the day. It is a good one. Don't worry about being behind. We all are!

Great job with this!


Thanks for coming by my blog. Your dogs are definitely cute. With a capital C.
I haven't don't this meme yet and I might just borrow it for a future post, it sounds like a fun idea. :)

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