Sunday, February 24, 2008

Do You Know What Wendesday Is?

Do you have it marked on your calendar? Are you coming to the doggie-bloggy-birthday-bash? Even if you can't make it... are you sending your pets? Every species is welcome - hoomans, doggies, kitties, birdies, gerbils, and even exotic pets... everyone is welcome. Don't worry this will be a completely friendly bash, where all creatures respect and embrace diversity... the kitties don't need to worry bout the doggies... the birdies don't need to worry bout the kittes... you get the idea. There will be lots of yummy treats and stuff to chew on, cuz the birthday girl certainly loves to chew. Sure hope you can stop by on Wednesday. There will never be another first birthday for this Doggy-Bloggy-Beauty.
It's almost party-time!

In fact... I happen to know that my mommy has been planning some very cool surprises...



I'll have to check with Gracie and Nina -our two cats - and see if they will consider at least sending photos to do a "virtual" party celebration.

BTW -read your interview with David on his "Sunday Roast" this morning and it was great! You did a fantastic job with his questions and I loved your selections of your favorite posts - along with the one you put up last week too about your Grandfather.


Misty, I don't have a pet :( but I'd like to stop by anyway and wish Maggie May all the best on her special day. May I?


I'll be there along with Little Bit. Little Bit loves Border Collies. Her best friend, Dayton, is a Border Collie. So, do you want me to bring some treats too. We have lots. Big hug. :)


Madison and I can't wait!!


The PERFECT picture of "comfort personified" ... OH NO!!! That simply won't do! "Comfort DOGONIFIED!"

There! That's much better.

Sure do enjoy your open and fun spirit. Thanks for the infusion of happiness.


YAY! Me! Meeee! MEEEEE!
*Oooops* Of course I wanted to say "us".

How could Jersey and I miss Maggie Mae´s party???


Count me in. Correction, count us in. I'll be bringing our two cats and our dog. If that's OK. Our dog would love Maggie May, she still is a bit of a puppy herself, she'll be two in June (I guess, she's a rescue dog, so we're not 100% sure).

Mom Knows Everything

I can't wait for the party and to give Maggie May her surprise! Princess and Teaka will be thrilled to go to the party.

The Egel Nest

Congrats on your interview over at David's/ It was great!

The Egel Nest

Utter Basketcase

HOW GORGEOUS!!! A Pet Party!!! :-D

What a fabulous idea!!! :-) xx

Rebecca (Ramblings by Reba)

I'll do my best to stop by. Are there any other details I need to know about? (I read this post, but my head is killing me. I'll have to try again when my head doesn't hurt so much.)

Sandi McBride

Why thanks for the invitation Misty. I'm sure the mob will be able to attend...I came in by way of David and just read your bio. I love that your Dogs Keep you Sane. My cats drive me to edge of madness and it's my sweet dog who drags me back from the precipace! So, I too have a dog psychitrist.


A pawty? How fun! Just dropping in to say hi!


Smalltown RN

I'll try to remember and I will bring Bert...he loves a good party...


I don't have any pets but I will gather up my four children, put on our party hats and be ready to party! The 1st birthday is always so special.

can't wait!


I have an award for you on my jabber jaws blog.


I'll try to get by on Wednesday for the party :)

Jillie Bean (AKA Bubba's Sis)

Jax and Misty and I will be there!


I'll definitely be by to help celebrate! :)


Can't wait! Maggie is such a pretty "puppy"!

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