Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Dog Day Without Dad

Hubs went to a farm sale today with his brother-in-law. That's great with me - I'm glad they are hanging out together and enjoying each other's company in the negative-umpteen below zero temperatures - yup, go ahead guys have a great time!. However, Tag (HIS and only his dog) is NOT happy that 'Dad' left without him. I wake up... just get a cup of coffee... say "bye"... Hubs pulls out the drive... Tag commences acting as if he is being murdered. Literally - murdered. He paced... he cried... he did his normal "heh heh hehehehehehmmmmmmmmmmm" (which is REALLY annoying by the way)... and then - then - he started doing this doggie-scream!

I'm telling you... it was a scream. I could hear him screaming "oh Dear Doggie-Gods, my Daddy has lllllleft me! He went to work without me - I just know it! Oh Dear Doggie-Gods ppppppplease make this house explode right now so I can go running down the road at warp speed to convince my Dad to take me with him! Pppppppplease! Dog-nabit House - blow up!"

It was honestly the most pitiful and flipping annoying thing (remember, I just woke up) - Even Molly and the puppy were looking at him like "Dude! Take a chill-pill already! He'll be back for crying out loud! Man have you got issues!"

I tried explaining to the unreasoning, compulsive, psychotic, obsessed dog that his Daddy honestly did NOT go to work without him (You see, this is truly Tag's concern. Tag. Must. Work. - Molly and Maggie just want to live, eat, be loved, and play. But Tag - Tag. Must. Work! Tag will give up any of the necessities in life so that he can be 'working').

I explained, "Taggy, Bubby-Boy - listen to me. Daddy did NOT go to work! Daddy went somewhere where there are a bunch of people. Oh yeah! You do NOT like people, do ya Tag?!?! Remember how much you hate non-daddy humans??? Nope- you don't like people, and they don't like you! So, ya see - it's a doggone good thing you didn't go. You just stay here with Mommy for today! OK then" - Commence doggie pacing, barking, yelping, whining, and screaming... again... ALL day long! This type of carrying on makes it extremely hard to keep from completely losing your cool concentrate, research eco products ,and continue with your normal daily activities. Trust me - it is enough to initiate a severe migraine and cause the blood vessels in your head to explode quite distracting.

When we went outside in the negative temperatures, I opened the door to the building and showed Tag... "See Bubby! The skid-loader! It's in there... all safe and sound... not started up or performing work. You love that skid-loader, don't you? You see Daddy's truck with the trailer hooked on it, Bub?? See! I told you Daddy wasn't working! He's hanging out around a bunch of people. Remember how you hate people?!?! See, I told ya! Come on - let's go back inside where it's warm!" (commence pacing, whining, and the 'heh heh heeeeeh hmmmm heeeeeemmmmmmmm' - but, luckily, no more doggy-screamin').

The words 'issues' or 'obsessed' do not even begin to describe my Hub's boy. If he knows Hubs is far away and not coming back for a good, long while - then that dog will take care of me - he'll watch over me - he senses when I'm sick - he cuddles with me - he protects me - he OBEYS me - he truly, truly LOVES me. If Hubs is within -ohhhhh I'd say.... 700 miles - Tag looks at me like "Who the heck do you think you are? My Dad is ALL that matters, Woman!"


Kelly Ann

I totally heart dogs, but not the ones that yelp like that. apparently my old dog used to do that when we left the house, she'd holler and yelp and throw a fit, the neighbors didn't appreciate it much... lol


That sounds like how my son's dog -Andrei -acted when Clayton brought him up here to stay with us for about six weeks, before Clayton moved back home. The first three days after Clate went back to Gettysburg (where he lived then) were pure hell on our eardrums here! Andrei would go to the front door, sit there and howl -sounded just like a mournful wolf howl! After a while, he would come in the living room, look out the front window, then down to the basement, then upstairs to my bedroom where he would jump up on the bed and look out the double windows there and howl some more! It was so pathetic a sound -truly, we all just wanted to sit down and hold him, hug him and cry right along with him! If we wanted to get a rise out of Andrei, all we had to do was say to him "Where's Clayton?" and the poor fella would go on a search and destroy mission looking for his "Daddy." Gosh I miss that big lug of a mutt! He died a year ago this past December and really did leave a big hole in all our hearts within my family -well except maybe for my son-in-law -who isn't the animal fanatic that my kids and I are.

Cathy, Amy and Kristina

I LOVE that photo!

Crazed Nitwit

You def. understand dog speak. I am so impressed. :D


Hey, I wonder if you and your lovely readers would be up for this blook idea?


Poor Tag! I had a Springer Spaniel that did that every time I'd leave the house. I could hear her from inside the car...totally pathetic!


Hm, that kind of scares mom and I are going on vacation together in April...leaving our German Shepard behind for my siblings and dad to take care I'm worried that she'll act like that the entire week.


LOL! That's too funny! Our dog, Madison, is pretty much the same way with Tim. I know Maddie loves me, but she ADORES her Daddy! :-)

When ya get a chance, stop by Real World Mom and pick up your Excellent Blog Award!


Sounds just like our Little Bit. It's daddy's dog and that's final. When she was younger she would do the exact same thing when Zane would leave. She doesn't anymore, but I know exactly what you are talking about. Try to have a great day. :)


LOL a (your) man's best friend!

What was he like when his Dad came home?


Somehow, that's how Seven wound up with me. (Ack, she was supposed to be Poor Hubby's dog!!) I left her inside long enough to bring in some groceries & she was barking up a storm! She has to practically sit in my lap to be content (which is getting more & more uncomfortable because she's mostly Lab, not small!) and I'm constantly tripping over her. I love her, but I didn't count on this!

Mom Knows Everything

Where are you???


Ummm yeah, isn't that just like a guy...ditch the girl as soon as something better comes along!

Louie sits in the dining room window howling when we leave--and if we forget something and come back in through the garage, it's hilarious. He's deaf so he can't hear us come in, so he sits there looking out the window howling. Hehe! xoxo


Oh, this is hilarious. Because I don't have to listen to Tag cry all day. Bet your hubby got a BIG welcome when he got home?!


Oh yeah, that would drive me doggone nuts in no time flat! I think I might have just started crying and screaming along with him!

Laura Paxton

I SO LOVE Border Collies...the best of the best...but oh, they CAN be annoying sometimes! I'm jealous that you have THREE of them! Someday we'll be on enough acreage again to have some beautiful Border Collies again!

Thanks for coming by my blog today!


Tag & Ty would get along SO well!


Where is your guestbook thingy majiggy, I don't see it...the one with the map?


This was a great post! I absolutely love dogs of all breeds, and the annoying ones are sometimes the ones who charm me the most for some inexplicable reason. Sooooooo..........I am totally charmed by Tag.

BTW, every time I come to your blog I smile because of that BC pup at the top. What a sweetie!

i beati

great story and bird picture- love nature shots . I have one later this week of a dog I bnet you'll dedicating it to your dogs weekend

The Gal Herself

Oh, poor Tag! I hate it when they suffer like that and you just can't get through to them that there's NOTHING to be upset about! I wish somehow the other dogs could get through to him. But they probably sense, with their canine wisdom, that it's hopeless - Tag's gotta do what Tag's gotta do.

Dallas Meow

border collie. . .
we realize our failed attempts at a pup were in part because we chose the perfect and gorgeous but also must work, australian sheepdog.
then offered her a life with teens and a semi-agoraphobic mom.
Tag is adorable, wish we could just come by and play.

Jillie Bean (AKA Bubba's Sis)

Poor baby! Who says dogs aren't smart? He knew his routine was out of whack! I bet he was glad to see his Daddy when he got home!


God, you're funny.....

Thank you!

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