Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Doggone Smooth Talker

and a total softie...
Yep, that's what I am. This morning, I let my three dogs outside and hurriedly got them back inside, because we were having a Winter storm. Then I let the stray dog out of the building I had put him in last night.

Just as Hubs instructed me to do, I told it to "go home". That was when the dog proceeded to stand on its hind-legs and try to give me a kiss. I remained strong (yeah right I did) - "Go home Now!" I sternly instructed (I'm so full of b.s.) then I went in the house, where I promptly paced from window to window checking on the dog.

Hubs really did his best to ignore the pacing, whining, and whimpering coming from the poor heartbroken creature... that would be me - oh, you thought I meant the dog? ;-) Finally, as I looked outside through the sleet and ice and watched this...
I proceeded to slowly sulk out of the room while mumbling "Poor dog. He just feels like no body wants him. It really sucks when you feel like no one wants you."
(sniff, sniff......close eyes, hold breath...)
By the time I made it to the other room, Hubs calls out "Fine - on the side of the building is a cement block. You can prop the door to the building open so it can go in and out and give it a little bit of food. And, just so you know..." Too late, Misty was already in her coat, out the door, boots on, out the next door, moved the cement block, had the door propped open, and was running back outside with a cup-full-o-dog-food :-)

I mean seriously... would you expect anything different from me?
Now Barb a.k.a. Skittles and I were talking, and we agree that you should NOT name strays, because naming them means you intend to keep them. She's right, and therefore, I'm not going to name Rex Nat Grissom this dog.

Oh, and if this is your dog, I'm pleading with you to find another pet come get him so you can take him home where he belongs although he seems mighty happy here and he's being well fed. If this was your dog and you ditched him... well could you please come introduce yourself to me (and my baseball bat)?
Toodles ;-)



Love your post, especially the marked out bits. I hope that the owner shows up in the interests of marital harmony. Your husband is a softie too, I probably would have reacted exactly the same as you, although I really don't want another dog.


Welcome to the herd! He's lucky he found ya'll during the nasty weather you are having.


that's a beauiful dog. i couldn't leave him outside in a storm, either.

is he australian cattle dog,do you think?


I would feed him too. I would check with animal control if there is one in your area to see if he's been listed as missing. I'd do the same exact thing. You really are a softie when is comes to sweet dogs. Way to go. :)

Jillie Bean (AKA Bubba's Sis)

I would totally keep him. :-)

He's beautiful! I like the name Grissom.

Mom Knows Everything

You have a new doggie, you have a new doggie,you have a new doggie! hehehe


I love this post.

I want him. He is beautiful. Sometimes the best pet to have is the one that chooses you.

I am trying to get back in the swing of things. Still puny and the winds are still bad. Yesterday we could not see the city nor the mountains because of the dust.

Give Rex a pat for me.


Just passing by, I really like that dog, and not he's not mine. If he was I wouldn't let him out in a storm...ciao


Geesh, I'm an emotional mess...I'm cryin' here! Poor doggy...


Bless you! I'd be doing the same thing!! You are a good person! :-)


Your new doggie Rex... uhm... I mean that not-yet-named... uhm... that stray is simply adorable. *grin*


so what will happen with him? don't leave us hanging!

Heart of Rachel

I admire how kindly you opened part of your home to give a dog food and shelter from the cold.


Aw. Just aw. I'm glad there are people like you to help puppins like him.


Awww... he's so cute. And I can totally tell that he saying "Thank you for feeding me Misty and giving me a building to get some rest in!" I'd be the same way as you. I'm afraid my hubs probably would too. That's why we have 6 dogs :)


I'd say Mr. Rex is just about the epitome of a lucky dog. Well done, Misty. xo

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