Thursday, February 7, 2008

Everyone is Sick

Thank you to everyone who sent me wishes to feel better. Also, thank you to those who have sent me e-mails, comments, and messages asking how I am feeling. The headache is still there, but since I have suffered from headaches and migraines for the majority of my life, I'm used to having a headache. My chest is not bothering me anymore. I'm assuming that the burning in my chest and coughing was a result of breathing in cold air while wrestling with a Cattle Dog.

It's a good thing I'm feeling somewhat better, because I just found out that I need to drive to town tomorrow morning to return the breathing machine we borrowed. My husband is still recovering; my niece is sick; and my sister-in-law's in-laws are both very sick. So, the breathing machine needs to make its rounds. Everyone is trying to avoid the cost of seeking medical care. Can anybody say medicare advantage? I tell ya, this has been a bad few months for illnesses. First, everyone I spoke to had a bout (or two) with the stomach flu, and, now, this respiratory thing is going around. I hope you enjoy my company, because, after I get back from town tomorrow, I'm locking my doors and not going anywhere other than the blogosphere! OK, maybe I'll go play pool, if Hubs is feeling up to it ;-)



I hope everyone feels better soon. Roll on spring, when the winter bugs start to die.


Hope you continue to feel better! Don't blame ya for locking yourself in for a bit--although I hope you do get to have some fun and play pool! :-)


Glad you are feeling better. It does seem everyone is sick right now. Here, at your house, and the flu seems to be everywhere as well. See why I don't like winter?

How's Grissom Rex? Have a great day. :)


Ooh! I want to play pool! I miss when Poor Hubby & I were in a league... (He's much better at it than I, but it's fun anyway.)

Jillie Bean (AKA Bubba's Sis)

Glad you are feeling better!!

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