Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Feeling the Rhythm

I have been really busy today trying to figure out which song it is that the pounding and pulsing in my head is keeping rhythm to, in addition to realizing that every part of my body hurts, right down to my toenails. Of course, I also had to drive to town to pick up those items at the store that I didn't pick up yesterday due to yet another stupid Winter storm. Have I mentioned that I am totally sick of Winter? So, I just popped some frozen pizzas in the oven (great nutritious dinner) and sat down only to realize that I almost forgot I am supposed to talk to you about home theater chairs. I don't know how I could forget such a thing. So, when you go to purchase the furniture to lovingly arrange around your home theater, tell them Misty Dawn sent you ;-)


Mom Knows Everything

Aidan asked for pizza for supper, but I gave him vegetable soup and a sandwich instead. He wasn't very happy with it. Can he come over for pizza with you?


I'll tell them honey. Feel better and pizza is good. Just saying. :)


I told you...go to bed, young lady!
;) Feel better.

The Egel Nest

You crack me up....

Feel better :)

The Egel Nest


Hi Misty, thanks that you already vote for me ^__^. I'll let you know later if i win or not hi hi hi hi..

Mom Knows Everything

I have a meme tag for you Dork! You have better of rested last night, it was an order from your BBFF! Hugs!

BeccA's Buzz

You have so many great posts, I just don't know which ones to comment on!!!!
You mentioned over on my blog, wanting to find ways of earning extra cash. Have you every thought about looking into participating in marketing research? I do from time to time and it's fun, interesting and pays well too. For instance: I am currently participating in a clumping cat litter study. I receive 2 14lb containers of clumping cat litter to try for a week each and report back and I will get paid $40. I have done many different studies from chewing gum to a rental car website to cat litter containers! I think the most I've been paid is like $125 or so. could help you get that camera and then you'll be off to a bikini beach somewhere which will help cure those winter time blues you have! :) I use Peter's Marketing Research...not sure where you are and who might there be in this field by you, but it's worth some research!


Do I get a discount if I mention you sent me? I think we have enough chairs downstairs in our home theater/basement/family room, but you never know...

Feel better.

Mom Knows Everything

Misty!!! Now my email is down too!!! Arghhhhh!!!!!

The Gal Herself

It hurt to read about how crappy you feel. Please get better. I can't take another post where I suffer sympathy aches on your behalf!


Hope you feel better soon. Pizza sounds good. Right now anything other than my own cooking sounds find. There are not restaurants here so I sometimes have a pizza for a change of cooking.

I am sick of winter too but it won't loosen its hold until April we generally can't plant until the end of May.

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