Monday, February 25, 2008

Heads or Tails *Wonder and Wander*

One of my favorite bloggers, Skittles has started a Tuesday meme. It is LOTS of fun-so you'll wanna join us right away! If you click on the Heads or Tails logo - it will take you to the post to tell you more about the meme.

This week's topic is Heads - Wonder or Tails - Wander.

Each day I wonder what the weather will bring so I know if I'll be permitted to wander with my camera around my neck to allow me to try to capture some of nature's wonders.

But, right now, I'm wondering who will show up to the Doggy-Bloggy-Birthday-Bash and if I have enough treats, toys, and cake :-) I've got the blog all clean and prettied up just in time (Thanks again Sanni!!!)



Beautiful as always!!! I heard a rumor that even the snowplow driver stops while you're taking photos. Obviously he knows talent. :)

Mom Knows Everything

You are so smart! I love it and once again more breath taking pictures. So the snow plow driver stops for you eh! hehehe!


Wonderful pictures. We are suppose to get snow tomorrow night.


WOW! Gorgeous pictures! We're under a winter storm watch all day tomorrow into Wednesday. Could get up to 18"! Want to come take pics?! LOL! Nah...maybe not! :) That sunset is gorgeous!!


You take beautiful photo's!

The new blog look is great!


Very nice. As I have said a MILLION times...your pictures amaze me!


Oh man, that first pic is great. Its seriously almost morbid looking. Like something crazy's about to go down.



I love the new look of your blog! Love those pictures too! I seem to be having troubles with my doesn't seem to want to come up...must be something in there jacking things up. I need a new look for my blog! :)

Bradley's Mom

Fabulous pics!!

For Wednesday..........can we stop by anytime during the day........or do you have a certain time frame?

Cake? Did I hear cake???


Smalltown RN

Oh Misty...your photos are absolutely breathtaking...especially the one of the drangonfly....just amazing.....and I love how you incorporated the H or T with your pictures....job well done

Juliana RW

OMG. It is amazing photos... I love it. I wish i could make photos like that :(((( Great pics, Misty.

I am wondering if you want visit mine :D Thanks


Those are wonderful pictures!


You take such fabulous photographs!!! What a great post and awesome take on the theme!


I love dragonflies!



Jersey and I will mess up our kitchen right now... that always happens when we´re trying to bake - we´re sure you´re well prepared... but some additional cake is always a good thing.

Now... sit back and relax, doggie mommy!

♥.Trish.♥ Drumboys

Beautiful ♥ phots as always
I love this one !

My Hottie is up
My Little Drummer boys

Hootin' Anni

Oh my goodness...I like your beginning of the entry...wondering about the weather and all, then, the photos!!! Wow.

My HoT entry is posted; hope you can stop by.

Ps---this is a terrific blog template/layout! Love the muted colors and of course the cute little dog...*smiles*


What a beautiful photos!!!

My "heads or tails" is up ::here::

Robyn Jones

GOTTCHA babe...Tagged you with a meme if you would like to do it! :)


I love when you wander around with your camera! You're awesome.

Did you click my link for the REO pictures?


Beautiful photos Misty and you used the words wonder and wander pretty well too.

Baldwins Girl

absolutely beautiful! I'm glad you wander!


The first photo is just too good.

peppylady (Dora)

Great picture and great post for heads or tails.
I wonder when I'll actual see the bare ground in my back yard.

My heads or tail is up.


Lovely pics, as ever. I especially like the bug macros - absolutely stunning.

Sandy M

What beautiful photos. Love the dark clouds.


Those are all awesome, but that last one is spectacular.

Happy Tuesday

Hey it's Amy Benson

Oh I just Love dragonflies!! ♥
Great pictures!!


wow, I am utterly impressed! You did a great job with those shots!


I am speechless!!!!


Wow, that last picture is so clear, it's amazing. But I really like the first two with the clouds!!

Happy HoT! :-)


That first photo knocked me OUT. It is stupendous. Which does not mean the others aren't awesome, of course. It's that one that appeals specially to me! My HoT is here. Thank you.

Heart of Rachel

Hi Misty! I love the new look of your blog.

Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos. Nature can be so breathtaking.

Cakes and treats ... now that's exciting!


Oh the wonder of those lovely photos!! Absolutely Beautiful! Hope the doggy party goes well. :)


Absolutely beautiful!

I especially like the first one!!

BeccA's Buzz

Yeah, Tom Hanks, WOOOOO HOOOOO, baby!
Thanks for stopping by, I sure do love your photography, those insects are spectacular! I do believe I am suffering from a case of the camera-envies! LOL
Happy HoT!


Such good pics! Of course. Did you use a macro? I need to search your blog some more and see if you talk about your camera.


Beautiful photos I always enjoy the sky ones.


Wow, really gorgeous pictures. It's not easy to capture things that try to fly away just when you are properly focussed, but you did!

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