Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I Fought a Good Battle Anyway

Since my husband calls the couch his bed, our alarm clock is also in our living room. I wonder what visitors think when they see that? Oh yeah, only 4-legged creatures show up at our doorstep. I'm not complaining - most of the time, I prefer 4-legged creatures over humans - that's just how I am (present company excluded of course - I LOVE all of you - you know that... right?). So anyway (yeah, there really was a point to this post), I take my cell phone into the bedroom with me at night and use it's alarm clock feature. No, I don't have to be awake at any particular time, but I don't like how I feel if I sleep too late. I feel yucky physically, and I feel... guilty (go figure - Misty feeling guilty).

This morning, my cell phone's alarm clock went off... I hit its little snooze feature. I continued to hit that little snooze feature every five minutes (what the heck ever happened to ten minutes when you hit snooze?). I must have hit that feature so many times that the phone just said "Oh heck, just stay in bed woman!", because when I finally got up... it was almost two hours after what I had set the alarm for! Now, I knew that I had been feeling especially worn out lately, but I just figured it was from worrying about and taking care of Hubs and not getting decent sleep.

Then... I got out of bed. An instant headache caused my face to feel like someone was stabbing me with an ice pick. (It's not very nice to stab someone with an ice pick - My grandma told me so. What? I wasn't really gonna do it! Oh yeah... back to the post...). I went to the kitchen (passing Hubs who was at the desktop computer) to make coffee and fill the humidifier. He asked me what was wrong with me, and I said I just felt like I had no energy and I had a headache.

Hubs decided to call his mom. So, I got the trash together to set out for the trash guys (cuz good wives take the trash out - right Barb?). I filled the cups full of dog food and left them in the addition, so I could just put the trash out, let the dogs out, grab the food and feed them, and come back inside. Did I mention that we had LOTS of snow during the storm last night? Well, now ya know - in case I didn't mention it.

So, I take the garbage out... and Grissom Rex the stray dog comes running out to jump all over me because he's freaking starving because he's been running around with no home for too long help. Now, being the dog person that I am, I realize that this dog is in desperate need of food and attention... trust me - desperate need. However, when you are carrying a heavy garbage bag through snow that is almost up to your knees and rapidly soaking through your sexy sweatpants, having a dog jumping on you every step of the way can be a little too much. But, I made it, and GR and I turned back for the house. When I opened the door, I forgot to be quick and nimble, and GR burst through the door, dumped all the cups full of dog food, and proceeded to eat like he hasn't eaten for weeks (maybe he hadn't before, but I personally know that he's been eating quite well the past two days). So, I pick this Cattle Dog up (did you see the pictures of him? have you seen the pictures of me? just sayin') and toss him outside... about four times (cuz I was getting wore out and I just wasn't quick enough and he'd just turn around and run back in). Finally, I get him outside, get some food, put him in the building, close the building, and go get Tag, Molly, and Maggie. I get them fed, and I start trudging back to the house... only to look over and notice that while I was getting food for RG, he had taken it upon himself to rip the garbage open (this is the thanks I get?). So, I got a new garbage bag, picked up the loose garbage, climbed in the ditch to retrieve the bag that he knocked in there, and took care of that.

By the time I got back inside, my chest was tight and burning, I was sweating, and my head was pounding. Now, I sit here with my pounding head, and... you guessed it, I'm coughing like crazy cuz my chest is full-0-crap.

The moral of this long post?
You take in a hungry stray, you'll have to pick up garbage.
You take care of your sick husband, your chest will hurt and your head will pound. (and you'll still have to pick up garbage)

If you want to see my Wordless Wednesday, it's down there a few posts down... I'd show you, but my head is going to explode all over my pretty new laptop.



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Hugs to you, Misty!! Sure hope the rest of your day is quiet in comparison--and that you feel better!!


I thought we discussed this. There are ways to avoid having to take out the trash, Misty.

Rex has a name huh? What a good one, too.. it suits him. (Wink.)

I hope your head doesn't explode all over your laptop. I'm not sure, but I think that would be hard to clean up...


Okay, I'm going to say this in the nicest way possible:
Go back to bed! You need to take care of you now!

Nikki Neurotic

Ugh, I hope you feel better soon!


He can't help it. He needs a home really badly. So, he has chosen yours. He will be a great dog as soon as he settles down. Feel better sweetie. :)

Kelly Ann

That's probably why he's at your house now, and not this original owners house. LOL I'm just sayin' I hope ya feel better gal, stay in bed, make hub tend to you.


Take care of you!!! Feel better.

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