Thursday, February 14, 2008

In Loving Memory

For the man who, at retirement age, agreed to take in and raise a two year old little girl wearing no shoes and a dirty diaper;

For the man who played school with his granddaughter;

For the man who sat her on his knee and taught her all the silly songs that Grandma would tell her not to repeat;

For the man who watched his granddaughter dance around to Bon Jovi on the hardwood living room floor when the carpet was being replaced;

For the man who would sit for hours so his granddaughter could show him what could be done with a computer, although he had no understanding of them at all;

For the man who built a desk, exactly as she wanted it, with no blueprints for reference, for that computer;

For the man who used to tell everyone he knew that his granddaughter was going to be the first woman president, because she was so smart (Sorry Grandpa, politics just aren't my thing);

For the man who used to tickle his granddaughter's feet while he sat in his chair watching television;

For the man who taught his entire family that the most important thing in life is family;

For the man who always stood behind his word and considered a handshake an unbreakable promise;

For the man who never met a stranger and earned the respect of everyone who knew him;

For the man who taught me to never give up on dreams;

For the man who gave me a life to be thankful for; values and morals I am proud of; and love and respect for others;

For the most influential man in my life...

I love you, Grandpa - Happy Birthday. I miss you more than words can express, but I also feel you and Grandma with me every day. Thank you for that - thank you for always being with me - I hope I make you proud.
Love, Misty Dawn

(This photo was taken on my wedding day. My grandpa had told me that I could get married in his home (where I was raised), but he would not be able to attend. He stated that he needed to be with Grandma at the nursing home, and he was sorry, but he would be there in spirit. My husband and I refused to accept that - So, we planned the wedding for when we knew Grandpa would be home for lunch!!! Sneaky, I know - but my grandpa taught me that when you want something bad enough, you've got to work hard and not give up on getting it.)



Bradley's Mom

Hi Misty:

Happy Valentine's Day!

What a beautiful tribute to your sounds like he was such a wonderful man, and a terrific influence on you.

He would definitely be so proud of the fine young woman you are!!



That is certainly a wonderful tribute. I am afraid I never knew either of my grandfathers and only one of my grandmothers. It is special to have these relationships to remember.

Mom Knows Everything

Misty, that is such a wonderful tribute to the man who raised you! I know he is very proud of the women you grew up to be.


Misty, that was one beautiful tribute to your grandfather! And really cool too how you tricked him into being present for your wedding after all!

My grandfather died when I was 12 -it will be 51 years ago this coming March and you know, I still miss him very much -his voice, his presence, his intelligence. My Mom and I lived with her parents -plus, I was born here, in this house, my grandparents home, so they were the first people to see me too ya know. And yes, I was my Grandpa's pet too -but that was only because I was the grandchild who he always had access to -not one who appeared at holidays and weekends and for maybe a week during the summer. And, I'm so glad I had him as he taught me to read, gave me the love I have always had for books. Just wish his mathematical abilities had rubbed off a little bit on me though.
Here's to two really great men - our grandfathers!


what a beautiful post. and the photo is lovely, you can see how much you love each other.

this is the most genuine Valentine I've read in a long, long time.


How beautiful Misty. You were very fortunate to have such a great grandfather. They are indeed precious. I so miss my grandparents too. Have a great Valentine's Day. :)


I can definitely tell how much your grandfather meant to you. You were lucky to have him in your like and I know he is very proud of you!

Happy V-Day Misty!

I have something for you on my rantings blog!


Misty, what a loving, beautiful tribute. I can feel the love you have for your Grandpa. And, yes, he & your Grandma are with you every day. I am positive you have made them proud!

I absolutely love your sneaky wedding story!


That was very beautiful.


What an absolutely beautiful tribute to your grandfather. I am sure that both he and your grandmother are reading it and enjoying it, too.

My grandfather on my mother's side was, and still is, to me the best man in the world and I still miss him a lot even though he died in 1972. I felt cheated when he died but he said that he was ready to go and that he had lived a good life and was happy. I just wish he had lived a longer one.

Hope you had a fantastic Valentine's Day!


What a beautiful and loving tribute to your grandfather - he sounds almost as good as mine was! I'm sure he and your Grandma are looking down and smiling on you and keeping good watch over you.

Hope you had a fantastic Valentine's Day! You deserve it because you're such a sweetie!


Okay, so I didn't think the first comment took so I posted a second so now I'm going to post a third just because I can!! Heehee!

Robyn Jones

Aww....Misty that is really sweet and the best Valentine Post I have read all day....You were lucky to be blessed with such an awesome Grandpa...I wish people today were still like this.


What a lovely tribute to your grandfather.


What a touching post! You were lucky to have such a wonderful man in your life. The picture is priceless.


What a wonderful tribute. You were blessed to have such a loving grandfather.

Jillie Bean (AKA Bubba's Sis)

Misty, that is a beautiful tribute! How blessed you are to have had him in your life! I KNOW he and Grandma are sooo proud of you!


This is so beautiful, Misty. Your grandpa was an amazing man. I can just tell by the way you talk about him.

I love the picture. You're beautiful, you sneaky girl!


He sounds like a loving, patient man. How lucky you are to have been raised by such a gentleman.


Misty.. what a heartfelt and extremely moving post about your grandfather. ♥

Cathy, Amy and Kristina

This was so beautiful. What a selfless man.

Kelly Ann

That's so wonderful, happy Valentines Day to you as well! :)


This is perfect, Misty. Beautiful and poignant, and I thank you for letting me glimpse into your life a little bit. You're still the same, I'd know you now if I knew you then. Beautiful you are. Wow. xoxoxo


A beautiful Trubute..
I'm sure that many a Sky Watcher will be reading this today... I want you to know it bought a tears to this big guys eyes, tears of saddness for your loss, and tears of happiness becuse you cared, and you share. I'm sure he was so very pround of his little girl. You are a diamond.. :O)


through tear-filled eyes, I bow to your lovely expression of an amazing love. I am equally in debt to You, for this gracious gift of your heart's treasure; and to David McMahon for guiding me here.


You´re making your grandpa proud - for sure.

We ♥ you, Misty.

Psst... there´s a belated Valentine Award waiting for you here

Happy V-Day =)

i beati

so special


May he rest in peace with my dad, very sweet thoughts. :)


Wonderful post written with a heart! I hopped through Tammy's blog. I have read so much about you but did not have the chance to visit your blog. Today, I'm here and I'm glad I'm here.


this is beautiful!


This is beautiful. It means a lot when you take the time to remember someone special.


Very nice post, I only knew one of my grandparents.


What an incredibly beautiful dedication to your Grandfather. I love how you made sure he was included in your wedding ceremony!


HI there misty, came through tammy's blog.. it is so very sweet of you to write that tribute. A lovely one at that too.. Wrote it so well, that I could feel how much you love him.


What a wonderful tribute to your grandpa! what sweet memories you have. Blessings...


So touching and so full of love. You are blessed for having such a loving, wonderful grandpa like you have! :)


Misty, this has to be the sweetest post I've ever read. I've got tears in my eyes just thinking about it. What an awesome tribute to your Grandfather.

The Egel Nest

This was a wonderful tribute!

And I love writing i

Really...very touching and heartfelt...

Loved picturing you dancing around as a kid to Bon Jovi...we all did that :)

The Egel Nest


The photo says so much. :)

The Gal Herself

Oh, I understand your longing because I still miss my grandfather. I still remember how he smelled when he hugged me. (He was great at hugging.) I'm sure that wherever he is, your grandpa is proud of the woman you are.


What a wonderful and touching tribute .. made me cry .. and made me think of my dad who was much like your granddad .. thank you


I am so choked reading your wonderful post about your beloved grandfather Misty. He sounds like a very, very special person. Thank you for sharing him.


Oh Misty, how lucky you were to have such a grandpa! The story is very touching! Happy Valentine's Day to you, a dear blogging friend!


Misty, I absolutely love what you've written and the picture is beautiful - you have that framed and on a wall I hope. I got tears in my eyes reading this. I had a very special relationship with my great grandpa so I know exactly how you feel. I am so glad that you have such wonderful memories. A truly lucky girl...

sonia a. mascaro

What a beautiful and touching tribute to your grandfather!

Heart of Rachel

Hi Misty. This is a heartwarming tribute to your grandfather. It shows how much you love and value him as a great part of your life.


Beautiful post. It brought tears to my eyes.

Mimi Lenox

Such love in this post. We all can feel that. I'm sure you have made them proud and continue to do so everyday. You got married at lunch so he could be there....that's priceless. And what a gorgeous picture of you and your grandpa.

Hugs. I know you miss him.......


That was a lovely tribute. You were lucky to have been loved by him.

Sandi McBride

Such a lovely post about your Grandparents...I know I know, it is about your Grandpa...but it's about your Grandma, too. I came to you via David. Congratulations on your mention in Post of the Day from him. I know what an honor it can be. It was a beautiful post!


What a wonderful tribute to your grandfather. He must have been an amazing man.

♥.Trish.♥ Drumboys

Misty this is such a beautiful tribute to your grandfather...I can tell how he was wonderful man, and a terrific influence on you.

Misty your Grandfather is definitely be so proud of the beautiful, kind woman you turned out to be.


Misty, I can only repeat the words that have been said here... what a beautiful tribute to him that you've left here, and your life and beautiful spirit are a tribute to him as well. I hope you were able to spend part of the day celebrating the wonderful relationship that you had with him.

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