Thursday, February 28, 2008

It Was a WILD Party

Miss Year-old Maggie May has been a big bum today. She keeps mumbling (in doggy-speak) something about too many treats and too much partying.

Last night, after the party was over, I heard this splashing coming from my kitchen. It sounded like we had a kiddie-pool in there or something. I went in the kitchen to discover Maggie standing in the extra-large water dish. She was taking her paws and slapping them down in the water as hard as she could. She was obviously very amused at how she was turning the kitchen into a water park. Of course, Tag and Molly were looking at her like "Dude! Whether it's your birthday or not, you are SO going to get in trouble!"

I'm still working on the birthday-bash recap. I'm having a hard time getting all the stories straight. It seems that somebody spiked the doggy-punch...

And, from what I've been told, there was dancing on the tables and on the furniture. There was even a game of Frisbee going on inside the house! No wonder I found fur all over the place! There was fur and paw prints everywhere from in the bathroom sink to in front of the computer (apparently, some four-legged guests couldn't ignore their blogging addiction for the duration of the party).

Word has it that Princess and Louie were really tearing it up on the dance floor when "Who Let The Dogs Out" came on the stereo...

Many males were drooling all over themselves while swooning over the beautiful Jersey. What do you expect? I mean, she is The Furry Diva!

Sasha went home with Bert's phone number!

Oh, it was quite the event, I tell ya! I'll get the rest of the stories after Miss Maggie May catches up on her rest. Tag and Molly are more than willing to tell me some of the other things that went on, but they tend to be tattle-tails and try to get the puppy in trouble.

Oh, and wait until you see all the fabulous gifts that Maggie received! I've tried to explain to her that it isn't nice to brag about your gifts, but she insists on posting them all on here for everyone to see.



Hmm... I missed the dancing on the tables. Maybe when I was helping to pass out the cake?


YAY!! Great time had by all. I am so glad that we were invited to this most awesome party. My dogs are all a bit whipped today too. Thank you so much for inviting us! ((HUGS)) to all.

Kelly Ann

Aww that's so cute about Maggie May and the water. :)


My dog does the same thing with her water bowl. Drives us all crazy, especially if we happen to be walking around in socked feet and happen to pass the water dish...not a pleasant surprise!

Mimi Lenox

Sounds like Maggie May had quite a day. Happy Happy Birthday!

Mom Knows Everything

I think my favorite part of the party when you had Lassie jump out of the cake. That was awesome Dude!!!


That wasn't Lassie.. It was me in a costume..


It was a great party. Sorry we made such a mess. You'll be spending the rest of the week cleaning everything up. You should enlist the help of Maggie May for that. She's old enough now to do some chores around the house...


That party was definitely a blast! Thanks again for inviting and rocking us!


Amazing photograph, with splendid hot colours.


So sorry we missed your party!
Zuva, Tora, Nyx, Helios, Gina, Angel & Sadie wanted to be there.

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