Saturday, February 2, 2008

Poor Hubs

Yes, he's still sick. I'm still running the humidifier, vaporizer, and administering breathing treatments. At one point, he will say he thinks he is feeling a little better, and then his fever will start again and make him feel lousy.

He keeps commenting that he's surprised I haven't got sick. Watch it Buddy, don't be jinxing me like that! Seriously, I think I'm immune to my husband (that's quite the trick)! He was sick during our trip over the holidays, and I didn't get it. Now he's sick, and I'm not. Then again, we aren't really within germ spreading distance of each other much. He's on the desktop computer, I'm in another room on the laptop. I sleep in the bed, and he sleeps on the couch. NO, I don't ORDER him to sleep on the couch (What kind of wife do you think I am?). He chooses to sleep on the couch, because he says his shoulders start hurting if he sleeps in the bed. I don't know if a foam mattress would help or not. We have wanted one for a long time, but can't afford it right now. It's kind of nice being able to hog the whole bed and all the covers without a struggle though ;-)

Thank you for keeping Hubs in your thoughts and prayers. He still feels lousy, and I feel lousy that I am powerless to do anything to help him feel better. If any of you aren't feeling well, just pop on over to my place - you can lose yourself in the aroma of Vicks vapors the minute you walk in the door. Oh, and if you aren't going to stop by for a visit - at least sign my guest book in the post below this one. Thanks!!!



Whoa Bessie! I was the first one to sign your new guest book! And the picture I put in there -taken of me when I was about 4-5 years old -is one of the few photos of me that I actually like, albeit sure as heck is not a recent one! Wonder what your readers will think when they see the name of my hometown!


Aw, poor man. I hope he gets better soon - and that you don't succumb to the bug, too. Take care.

i beati

Foam mattresses get quite warm and sometimes are not as confortable as one would think. I got rid of all mine- To me no mttress is really comfortable except when real real tired- just me


Olbas Oil! at once :)

Mom Knows Everything

I hope he gets better soon. Tell him I think the Barney mask is HOT! I have an award for my BBFF, can you let her know. hehehe!


Mist, I'm terribly sorry about your hubby. Will definitely pray for him, and for your wisdom and patience. You're a wonderful wife, taking care of him as you are. xoxo

Heart of Rachel

I'm sorry to hear that. I hope he gets well soon. I'm sure with lots of TLC that you're already giving him, he will recover soon.


Oh your poor man! Sounds like you're doing a good job of looking after him, hope he's soon well and the germs don't get you. x


I am so sorry to read that your hubs is still sick. :( You are a much better wife than I am! :D

Well wishes being sent ya'll's way!


Sorry to hear that hubs is still ill. That purple dragon needs to work harder at making him well again!

By the by, nice person that I am - I tagged you for a meme over on my blog. It's easy - I promise!!

Kelly Ann

Vicks is so awesome for chest colds, it really helps break up the gross stuff, hope your hubby feels better soon! :)


Hope things return to 'normal' soon! Thinking of you!


aww, I hope he is feeling better soon--he's in our thoughts.

david mcmahon

Hope he's feeling better now. Maybe the Super Bowl will help ....

Fingers crossed ...


border collies! you have border collies!

oh how have i missed this blog? what an adorable pup on your header.

we have a border colllie, too, though it's been 12 years since he looked anything like that picture....

Cathy, Amy and Kristina

Ooh, I love Vicks!

I hope he feels better soon -- sounds miserable.

Am now catching up on your previous posts ... I've been swamped and sick and a bad bloggy friend.


oh boy..hope that your husband can better soon.


Hope your hub is feeling better now. :)


Hope your hub is feeling better now. :)

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