Friday, February 15, 2008

Puppy Perfume

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Oh my DAWG! Did you hear what happened? Mommy is NOT very pleased - I am just really thankful it wasn't me (giggle bark, giggle bark... howl) - it was that crazy puppy!

Picture it (cuz you sure as heck don't wanna smell it!!!)...
I went to sleep after 2 a.m. because I was gossiping with Tammy blog hopping intellectually stimulating my mind...
At 5 a.m., I am awakened to a horrendously nasty odor filling my nostrils...
I lie there wondering - "Did I leave the crock pot on and the house is on fire?" (aren't you impressed with my lack of racing out the door nekkid, rather, I just lay there and wonder if I'm going to go up in flames... hmmmm
Finally, I think - "SKUNK!!! I smell skunk. Yep, there must be one outside. But wait, why the heck am I smelling it inside?"
I trudge out to the living room where Hubs in lying with his face stuffed as far into the couch cushion as he can possible get it.
I hear a very muffled "hmmm?"
"Hubs, is there a skunk outside?"
Hubs rolls over, coughs a bit, and asks, "Why? Can you smell it?"
Ummmm - if you are asking if my brain is swirling and getting dizzy from the horrible stench - then, yes, I can smell it!
Hubs replies "Oh." and proceeds to shove his face back into the couch cushion.
I shrug and go back to bed. Within minutes, Hubs is standing there - "I can't sleep in there! It stinks!"
"Hubs? What is going on?"
"The puppy got sprayed by a skunk."
"And you let her in the HOUSE???"
"I didn't know she had been sprayed, I just thought there was a skunk outside. As soon as I smelled it, I took her back out to the equipment building."
Commence Google searches for how to get rid of skunk stench!
Never a dull moment, I tell ya.



Oh nooo! I *did* know a good 'recipe' for getting rid of the odor, but, unfortunately, I can't remember it anymore! Good luck!


YAK! Oh you poor thing. Does tomato juice still work to get rid of skunk stench?

Mom Knows Everything

My poor BBFF!!! I hope you can get rid of the smell soon. Love ya dork even if you smell like a skunk too!


Isn't that the MOST horrendous smell EVER! Growing up, we had a dog name 'Pepper' and he got lit up by a skunk once and crept in the house smelling really really REALLY! bad. It was so sad because for the first time, we actually had to make stay outside for a few days [wiping eyes of tears].

It's too bad that dogs do not know that skunks are bad company until they get lit up. LOL!



YUK! Our dog had gotten sprayed too before...and you are right - NO FUN! I believe we found some stuff made especially for that at the pet store. Took a few washings, but finally was good to go. Good luck.



Heart of Rachel

Oh my, that's so unfortunate. We don't have skunks in our area and I don't have any idea how to remove the odor. Hope several baths would help remove the smell.

Cathy, Amy and Kristina

Ugh! I always heard tomato juice, but I've never (thankyouthankyouthankyou) had to try it!

My dog's talent has always been picking up dead things and trotting by with them, making sure I see them, but dropping them before Hubs does, thereby convincing him that I am making things up about the poor doggie.

Amazing Gracie

We live in a heavily populated area and one of those critters sneaked into our yard via a dry river bed. I heard our dogs go nuts and looked outside just in time to see a funny-looking plume vibrating! It took a minute or two for me to realize I was actually seeing my dogs get "skunked!" EWWWWWWW!
(BTW, Sanni awarded me the badge with Maggie May. I wanted you to know and how much I appreciate your beautiful baby. ~~~ I just read the post about your grandfather. Now, I have to go blow my nose. What a beautiful tribute...)


My son had the most beautiful big lug of a dog - part German Shepherd and part Akita. He was a "house" dog and to take him out to do his business, a leash was a necessity because left out loose, he would roam. However, occasionally he would escape and one day -actually evening -he got loose and my son couldn't find him. The next day, he returned home and brought with him the SMELL -yes, in his noctural roamings he'd encountered a skunk and came in my son's house, bearing all this wonderful scent, depositing its residue all over the place! My son and daughter, Mandy, put the dog in the tub, scrubbed him down -several times -that day, using various solutions, one involving tomato juice and also, vinegar I believe. It took MONTHS before the smell totally left the dog -and before it totally left the house too! I had a similar problem one night on my way home from work when I drove through an area where a skunk had apparently just sprayed and it permeated the inside of my car too! Not pleasant, not pleasant at all! Just keep working at it as best you can.

Oh, you poor thing, (LOL )and in the middle of the night. I've heard of the tomato juice remedy too and I think it works. It seems like it happened to my mother not long ago. Well, not my mother , one of her dogs, and she splashed him with tomato juice and it worked- that is if my memory is serving me well at the moment. Good luck~

By the way, I tagged you with the After the Fifth Sentence on Page 123 Meme, optional of course, I just thought I'd let you know.

Hang in there~


I've never smelt skunk - I guess it's bad????? :(


Oh no! What a rude way to be awakened!

So, how do you get the smell of off puppy?

Lilli & Nevada

Oh my gosh that is the worst smell ever. I heard that Tomato juice is a good way to get rid of skunk smell.

Kelly Ann

And to think.. how does the dog think he smells, he has to smell it better then us, poor thing! lol

Smalltown RN

oh poor puppy....skunk...I think the worst smell ever.....

Mimi Lenox

I'm really trying not to laugh here but I can't help it. You wrote it just a wee bit too funny.....did you get rid of it?
In the house must be awful! YUK!!!

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