Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Puppy Scissor Teeth

Give Maggie May a rawhide or a bone, and she looks at me like "Well, I'm supposed to chew on that. That kinda takes the fun outta it Mom."

Reasons we should buy penny stocks in doggy chew-toy producers:
1. Cords which have been the victim of the Puppy-Scissor-Teeth include - a lamp cord, a power saw cord, an extension cord, and our air conditioner cord (Don't freak out - ALL of these items were unplugged when they fell victim)

2. Other items which have been eaten by Miss Maggie May include:
A 2X2 board (chewed it right in half)
Mommy's favorite and warmest gloves
A pair of Mommy's boots
Three towels (they look like they were attacked by the largest moth invasion ever)
Several Tupperware containers
One Cicada (Yes, she ate a giant bug - right in front of me - it was lovely)
One pillow case (during the trip to move here - my dad and I told Hubs that we accidentally snagged it on something so the puppy wouldn't be in trouble hehe)
Several pair of shoe/boot strings (slices them right in half)
One beanbag chair (her most recent 'kill')
One pair of Mommy's sweatpants (darnit, they were sexy too)
Several ink pens
One dead baby snapping turtle (I have no idea where she found it - I just saw her running around with these little feet sticking out of her mouth)
One mole (she didn't eat it... just found it and put it in her mouth until Mommy pried her jaws apart)
A pair of Mommy's slippers
One end table leg

There are probably many more items that I am forgetting.
No, I am not a horrible dog-mommy, who lets my puppy run around chewing on and eating things she shouldn't. She's quick and she's sneaky (and those teeth are like weapons!). We've learned that we must puppy-proof every room before she can come in. We've also learned that nothing is safe... nothing. Monday night, she was trying to chew on the metal sink base!

Guess what she got for her birthday? Yep - chew toys! (But those won't be nearly as much fun, because she's allowed to chew on those)



The main reason we decided to crate Seven: she is destructive with her mouth!! Poor Hubby keeps saying she'll grow out of it...what do you think?


And a partridge in a pear tree..


The table leg made me laugh because it reminded me of Magnum my brother's English Bull Terrier who chewed right through the leg of Mum & Dad's dining room table!


Happy birthday Maggie May--and may I take this moment to tell you I think your mommy is about the coolest mommy in all of Missouri! xoxo

Mom Knows Everything

Woohooo!!!! This party rock Maggie!!! I'm sorry that Teaka tried to eat all your birthday cake. :o(


Hee! I remember those days well with Ty. He was about 2 before he stopped. He's had some set-backs but nothing like that 1st year we had him!


Ben, our previous dog, once tore up half the Golden Pages book we had in the hallway. Because he was bored and we had left him alone. When I came home the hall was covered in yellow confetti. And we could only look up places starting with H in the book from then onwards...

Carole you rent her out? Check on the back posts in my blog, and you will see that we have a mole problem here that I would LOVE to have her come tackle - literally. :))

Seriously, though. We had a Lab who tried to chew his way out of the house through a wall. He also had a "thing" for Barbie shoes. My daughter's Barbie was barefoot more often than not because of him.


Ah, just like a kid--preferring to play with the boxes the gifts came in rather than the gifts! Happy Birthday, Maggie May! *Cuddles 'n hugs*


My dog ate the tv remote. Completely destroyed dad had to go to the cable company the next day and buy a new one.


Well, obviously you need to reassess your choice of programming. LOL. Only kidding. I think my husband would have had a meltdown if he didn't have his remote.


I'm glad you are able to joke about everything your dog chews on. It's not really worth it to get mad.

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